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The story

It's about the 7 dragon balls. When you collect them all 7 and you know the secret word (for Earth: Shenron), a dragon will appear and you can make a wish.

In this story Songoku a young naive boy is found living alone in the forest by Bulma a rich girl form the city in search of the Dragon Balls so she can wish for the perfect boy friend. Goku having one of the Dragon Balls, he thinks is his grandfather, in his posetion joins Bulma and they head off together to gather the all. They have many adventures and meet many friends/allies such as Roshi, Kuririn, Yamcha, Puar, Oolong, Yajorobi, Tien, Chatzu & Kame(and his servants) and many enemies such as Pilaf, The Red Ribbon Army, &  Piccolo. They friends find and use the dragon balls 3 times in the series one of which is to resurrect there dead allies.  Every 3 years in the series the world martial arts tournament is held and Goku participates. 

This was a great series and should be watch before DBZ allot of background is given and allot of things would not make sense in DBZ with out this background.


The story

It's about the 7 dragon balls. When you collect them all 7 and you know the secret word (for Earth: Shenron), a dragon will appear and you can make a wish.

In this story Songoku will discover that he isn't human. He is a Saiyan, one of the most cruel species in the whole galaxy. That's why he transforms at full moon in a giant gorilla if he doesn't cut his tail off. He will have to fight his own brother (Raditz), Nappa and Vegeta. But only he and Vegeta will remain. Later, they will be able to become the legendary Super Saiyans and face the greatest fighters of the galaxy like Mr. Freeza, the cyborgs, Cell, Boubou ... and to become even more powerful than the Super Saiyans...

There are only Super Saiyans every 1000 years. Only Songoku, Vegeta and Broly (and Nappa and Raditz) are real Saiyans. Their sons (Trunks, Gohan, Goten) are half-Saiyens: because of the destruction of the planet Vegeta of the Saiyans, the Saiyans in the series are the only Saiyans who are left. So their children are half-human half-Saiyan.


The story

Goku a kid Again?!  Yep that's right pilaf from the original Dragon Ball series is back and is still bent on world domination.  He decides to use the dragon balls from when Piccolo and Kame where one to wish for the world but instead he accidentally wishes Goku 12 years old again.  These Dragon Balls also known as the Black Star Dragon Balls have a bad side effect if not collected and used to reverse the wish they granted within a year the planet they where used on will be destroyed and to compound that they don't just scatter across the world that scatter across the universe.  Now Goku, Trunks, & Pan(Gohan's daughter) must travel the universe to find the Black Star Dragon Balls within a year. After Returning to earth with the dragon balls an enemy, Babi, they thought they destroyed in space returns and seeks to enslave the world an incredible battle ensues and we see for the first time the highest and final form of Super Saiyan. Super Saiyan 4. After the destruction of Babi the dragon balls are once again gathered to resurrect the people of earth but when Shenron is summoned he is not the same he is evil and his spirit it is scattered into seven evil dragons who each posses a dragon ball. In order to save the world Goku must defeat all seven dragons and summon Shenron again once this is done Shenron explains that the dragon balls have been abused they through off the balance of good and evil and will now be taken from the earth for 100 years. Goku makes one final request of Shenron, in exchange for his life he would like the lives of everyone on earth restored.  This wish is granted and Goku becomes "one with the dragon" and a constant formless spirit of good.  100 Years later Goku, the descendent of Goku, is battling the descendent of Vegeta in the world martial arts tournament. After the tournament Goku wanders off in search of the dragon ball to help Pan, his sick grandmother.  He eventually finds the 4 star dragon ball in the forest in a house similar to the one the Goku form the past was found in. The Goku from the past then appears to the Goku of the future and explains how the dragon balls work then disappears again and this is the end of the Dragon Ball story.

It's an emotional ending but its good to see that Goku lives on as a spirit of good and of the dragon balls and that his legacy lives on through the future Goku.

The writing

Akira Toryama has done a fine job with these series. It was (is) one of the most popular Manga-Anime series. It contains action and humor (there is more humor in the first series: Dragon ball).

Don't miss it!!!! (especially not Dragon ball GT)

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