serial experiments lain
        layer:01 "WEIRD" 

                                        Translated by Keisuke Shindo
                                        Dec. 10 1998 Ver1.2

 Iwakura Lain, 14 years old.
 When she started the Navi after a long time, it told her that a mail has arrived.
 It was from her friend who killed herself last week.
 "I only abandoned my flesh. I can prove that I'm still alive."


(Voice) Why not you come here?
(Voice) You'd better to come here.

(Title) WEIRD Layer:01

(Women) Look, look..

(Text) Why you have to do it is ...
(Text) You have to consider yourself ... 

(Girl) Hahaha.
(Girl) No, No
(Fat Man) Why? You can do. Don't hesitate.
(Fat Man) Let's go to the happy place together.

(Text) I..
(Text) ..don't need to be here.

(Boy) No. I don't know. I have nothing to do with...

(Text) If I remain such a place like here,
(Text) I couldn't keep connecting ... 

(Lain) Noisy. Can't you keep silence? (rudely) 

(Text) Hurry, everybody.

(Alice) Julie, don't mind it.
(Reika) Yes. It must be a mischief by someone.
(Alice) All... right...

(Alice) Lain?
(Alice) Have you ever received?
(Lain) What?
(Alice) It's Mail.
(Lain) Mail?
(Alice) From Yomoda Chisa.
(Lain) I'm bad at...
(Alice) You'd better check out the mail every day.

(Reika) Lain is still a child, aren't you?
(Lain) Why is she crying?
(Reika) Because, she received a mail from Yomoda Chisa.
(Lain) Who's Chisa?
(Reika) She was in D class. Last week, she killed herself by leaping at Shibuya.
(Reika) Our teacher also told that.
(Alice) Not only Julie, many girls have received the mail since this week.
(Lain) But, she is...
(Alice) Yes. Dead person won't send a mail. But they received ...

(Text) While dying?
(Text) It was so painful(laugh).

(Navi text) Working hard.
(Navi text) Please wait for a while.
(Navi) Log in.
(Navi) Name?
(Lain) Ah..
(Navi) Lain. Speak your name.
(Lain) Le-i-n.
(Navi) Accept.
(Navi) Aren't you Lain?
(Navi) I have received a mail addressed to Lain.
(Lain) By whom?
(Navi) Yomoda Chisa.
(Navi) Will you read a mail?
(Navi) Hello. How are you?

(Navi) Lain, I have ever gone back from school with you once.
(Navi) Do you remember it?
(Lain) Yes.
(Navi) I only abandoned my flesh. I can tell that I'm still alive.
(Navi) Can you understand me?
(Navi) No need to understand now. Soon you will understand it. Others will do.
(Lain) Why you died?
(Navi) It seems that there is a rumor that was a mischief by someone at school.
(Navi) But, I want you to know it's not.
(Lain) Why? Why did you die?
(Navi) There is God here...
(Lain) What?
(Navi text) God...

(Mika:Lain's elder sister) My lunch was late today.
(Mika) This was a nice meal. 
(Lain) Mom. 
(Mother) what?
(Lain) I've received a mail.
(Lain) Who killed herself last week.
(Mother) ...

(Dad) What's up, Lain? It is unusual for you to come this room.
(Father) I.. I want my new Navi.
(Father) Hahaha, You finally get interested in.
(Father) Now, Lain entered to junior high school. You will outstripped to your friends.
(Father) You should use a better machine.
(Father) Listen, Lain. In this world, every human is connected each other both in wired and
(Father) in real world, and human societies are organized.
(Father) Even someone like Lain can get friends soon. No need to be afraid.
(Father) I wonder why your mom doesn't understand it.
(Lain) I'm not afraid of.
(Father) But, why do you get interested in so suddenly?
(Lain) I have a friend to meet.
(Father) Hehehe....

(Announce) Sorry, everyone.
(Announce) This train has been stopped by an accident.
(Passenger) What?
(Passenger) Was someone injured?

(Teacher) Iwakura-san, This will be for an examination.
(BlackBoard) Come on wired quickly.

(Lain) Chisa-chan?
(Lain) Where are you?
(Lain) Wait...

  Ending Song

NANNO TUMIMO NAI HAZU NANONI                Although I must be innocent,
NANRAKA NO BATU WO UKETE RU                 Now I am punished.
ZIBUN DE MAITA TANE DEMO NAINONI            They were not the seeds I planted
SAKI MIDARETA HANA TUMA SARERU              But I was forced to cut off the blooming flowers.
SIRANAI KOTO TOHA IENAI GA                  I can't say that I didn't aware.
KATABOU KATUIDA OBOE MO NAI                 But I didn't helped (the crime).
ZIYUU WO TAKAKU KAWASARETA                  I think I bought my freedom for a high price,
KI MO SURU GA                           
KOKORO MA DE YASUKU UTTA OBOE               But I didn't sell my soul cheaply.
DAMATTE OSARABA SURU MADE                   Until saying good-bye in silence,
DARENO TENIMO TOMARA NAI                    No one can touch me.
TOOI YORU WO UROTUITE IRU                   Who are prowlng in the night far away.
MONO TATI WO                           	    You may not know the permanent scoundrels.