serial experiments lain
        layer:02 "GIRLS" 

                                                Translated by Keisuke Shindo
                                                Dec. 15 1998 Ver1.2

 Club Cyberia.
 Echoes of sound, swing of lights, and crowded by the people who look for their
 enjoyment selfishly.
 Where another Lain appears who looks very similar, but her character and her
 behavior is quite opposite.


(Voice) What are you scared for?
(Voice) You'd better just try. (giggle) 

(Title) GIRLS Layer:02

(Text) Cyberia? I didn't want to be here.
(Text) 10,000 yen? It's expensive! The market price is about 4,000 yen.
(Text) Although the supplier is almost the same,
(Text) To be exact, it's not a drug.
(Text) We call it "Accela".
(Text) I... felt accelerated.

(Text) Come on quickly.

(Lain) No, It's not.
(Lain) No mail have received...
(Lain) ..I don't know.
(Mika) I thought that somebody is in.
(Lain) Who's somebody?
(Mika) Lain's imaginary ...friend, or like that.
(Mika) You will be late for school again.

(Alice) Lain, good morning.
(Lain) Good morning.
(Reika) Look, she's not.
(Julie) But she is...
(Lain) What?
(Alice) Stop it. She is pitiful.
(Alice) Nothing serious. Let's go.
(Julie) But...
(Alice) Don't say it anymore.

(Lain) Do you receive a mail until now?
(Lain) From Chisa?
(Julie) Mail? Ah.. No, I didn't any longer.
(Alice) Lain, did you receive the mischief mail?
(Julie) Is it true?
(Lain) No, just my curious.

(Julie) I thought you did.
(Reika) As you said, she really look like...
(Reika) Lain, where were you last night?
(Alice) I said no.
(Reika) No, no.
(Julie) But...
(Lain) What?
(Reika) Well.. last night, there was one very similar to Lain at Cyberia.
(Julie) We screwed up my courage, and went there last night for the first time.
(Reika) It was not so much of.
(Alice) You looked so tense. (giggle) 
(Alice) Ah, It's a club. It's a place where young people gather at midnight.
(Alice) There was someone a little similar to Lain at there.
(Lain) Yesterday, I was ...
(Alice) I believe, she must not be Lain.
(Alice) Because, she was very gaudy dressed, and angered very violently.
(Reika) Yes, her character was also quite opposite .
(Julie) But she looked like...

(Julie) Well, how about taking Lain to there tonight?
(Reika) Will you confirm it?
(Alice) Stop it.  You are making fun at her.
(Reika) Lain, you may suddenly change when you go to club.
(Alice) Really. Lain may become more positive.
(Julie) Oh! yes. Let's go.
(Reika) Maybe It will be fun.
(Alice) If you become more positive, you will be more happy, Lain?

(Commentary) This Accela is one kind of a "smart supplement". 
(Commentary) When it enters inside the body, It oscillates at the peculiar
(Commentary) frequency by it's nano mechanism.
(Commentary) And it prompts to secrete one specified hormone.
(Commentary) When the hormone was secreted, one's sense of time will be
(Commentary) influenced,
(Commentary) and one will feel that one's consciousness is accelerated.
(Commentary) Not only the consciousness, but also the calculation speed of
(Commentary) the brain will be increased about 2 to 12 times faster.
(Commentary) This nano-mechanism will be disappeared by the digestive juices
(Commentary) for 1 day.
(Commentary) But the effect is...

(MobileNavi) Let's enjoy at Cyberia tonight. by Alice.
(MobileNavi) I won't go tonight.

(Text) Humans are all connected.

(Carrier) Is it your house?
(Carrier) Good! This is your articles. Now I'll take it down.
(Carrier) Could you sign here?
(Carrier) But.. It's great.
(Carrier) Oh, thank you.
(Carrier) Are all of these yours?
(Lain) I don't know.
(Carrier) Don't you know what this is ?
(Lain) (Lain answered no.)
(Carrier) This is the latest style of Navi. And it is fully equipped.
(Carrier) This would make you free in wired with no frustration with such a
(Carrier) machine power.
(Carrier) I have mine of my own making. but it can't match for this at all.
(Lain) No, I don't know anything about this.
(Carrier) Soon, you will know it.

(Father) Your new navi has arrived.
(Mother) Please clean up soon. It's obstructive.

(Father) I'll set up after the dinner.
(Father) Hmm.. This navi is so powerful that I'd like to use for myself. 
(Lain) Dad, Please set up this now.
(Father) Oh. Why are you so hurry?
(Lain) Please...
(Father) Lain...
(Father) I'll do so.

(Father) Don't use a navi for kids for a long.
(Father) The communication needs more advanced systems whenever you get more
(Father) mature human relations.
(Father) Come on. Register with this machine.
(Father) Talk to it.
(Lain) Hello, Navi.
(Navi) Authorized.
(Father) Finally, this Navi is yours.
(Father) You can show off this to your friends.
(Father) Oops. Mika? What's up?

(Lain) Navi, Did you receive my mail?
(Navi) There is no mail for Lain.
(MobileNavi) Lain, where are you? We are waiting for you. Be sure to come.

(Text) Why not you come here soon?

(Alice) Turn right at the corner.
(Alice) Go straight.
(Alice) Can you see?
(Lain) Yes.
(Alice) Here's at the underground of the building.

(Taro) Hey, you.
(Myu-Myu) I can't pass.
(Taro) If you do such way, you will be caught by the Information
(Taro) Surveillance Center soon.
(Masayuki) Isn't it safe to just hacking?
(Myu-Myu) Later, at that Game Center...

(Julie) You are late, Lain.
(Reika) In usual, it's the time you already went to bed.
(Julie) Lain, you should dress suitable to the night.
(Alice) How about we'll choose the adult clothes for Lain next time?
(Reika) Will they match her well?
(Alice) Reika!

(Julie) After all,
(Alice) What?
(Julie) The one we saw last night was not Lain.
(Reika) I said so. Lain won't wear such clothes, and won't speak so roughly.
(Lain) Did she look like me so much?
(Julie) Yes, I thought that she must be Lain.
(Lain) So...

(Alice) Lain?
(Reika) Why is she hanging behind?
(Alice) Reika, Take care of Julie, please.
(Reika) Alice? Alice!

(Boy) Don't look at me!
(Alice) Lain! What are you doing? Run away now! Lain!
(Boy) Go away!

(Alice) Lain...
(Boy) ..Ah...
(Boy) Why did you let me do such a thing?
(Boy) Do you have any rights to make me do this?
(Boy) I just wanted to make my mind clear.
(Boy) I don't know. I have nothing to do. You are ... of hautily God.
(Boy) I have nothing to do with.
(Boy) Wired must not interfere the real world. 
(Boy) I have nothing to do with. Who are you?
(Boy) I have nothing to do with... I have nothing to do with...

(Lain) Even anywhere, humans are all connected.