serial experiments lain
        layer:03 "PSYCHE" 

                                                Translated by Keisuke Shindo
                                                Dec. 10 1998 Ver1.1

 A mysterious present for Lain.
 It's a mysterious circuit "Psyche" which will add the epoch making function
 to any Navis.


(Voice) I believe that you've ever heard of Lain.
(Voice) "Lain in the wired".

(Title) PSYCHE Layer:03

(Police) Are your parents off on travels? I called to your house, but nobody
(Police) answered.
(Lain) I didn't tell a lie.
(Police) Well, I don't think you are lying.
(Police) Undoubtedly you are Iwakura Lain, and your address and telephone number
(Police) are right. I already confirmed them.
(Police) Though you were nothing concerned with, You should not be so quiet.
(Police) It's late. now I'll take you to your home.
(Police) But, you have to talk properly next time.
(Alice) Lain, sorry. It's our fault. Are you all right?
(Alice) Are you all right, Lain?
(Lain) A..
(Alice) what?
(Lain)  A...Li...Su
(Alice's mother) Alice! Let's go back.
(Alice) Sorry..sorry, Lain. Talk tomorrow. Sorry.
(Lain) A...Li...Su
(Police) Now, you go home too..

(Police) Do you have your key?
(Lain) Yes.

(Lain) Message..
(Navi) There is no message for Lain.
(Lain) Good night, Navi.
(Navi) Good night, Lain.

(Mother) You overslept and late for school. 
(Mother) Don't you think that it's shameful as a junior high school student?
(Lain) Mom, last night...
(Mother) What?
(Lain) ...Nothing.

(Voice) Lain... Lain... Lain...
(Voice) I'm here. Can you hear me?
(Lain) Who?
(Voice) You are not alone.

(Girls) Wow! Great!
(Girls) Did he look good?
(Girls) His face was not shown on TV.
(Girls) Did you see his face?
(Girls) Actually you were there, weren't you?
(Julie) Yes, but...
(Reika) You were screaming. You saw his face, didn't you?
(Julie) Yes, but... a little.
(Reika) You were too scared to see.
(Alice) Lain!
(Julie) Lain, Were you scolded yesterday?
(Reika) It was not our fault.
(Alice) Sorry, 
(Girls) Yes, Alice was the closest to the criminal.
(Girls) Was his blood scattered?
(Julie) Talk to them.
(Girls) Please, Alice...

(Commentary) If you take Psyche as an processor, you'll lose the whole point.
(Commentary) As a multi-purpose information terminal, navi already became
(Commentary) popular even among schoolchildren.
(Commentary) But, the activity in the wired is limited by the performance of
(Commentary) navi even now.
(Commentary) Psyche can increase any functions of navi.

(Chisa) There was no necessity that I was in the real world.
(Chisa) There was no difference between I was there or not.
(Chisa) When I realized that, I had no fear to lose my flesh.
(Voice) Who is Lain?
(Lain) What?
(Voice) Who is Lain? Who is Lain? ...

(Alice) We are strange. It is certain that we saw someone dying very closely
(Alice) last night.
(Alice) But we felt as if we just saw a movie.
(Reika) It is certain that we were there, but I felt it was not so real.
(Julie) Alice, don't take it so seriously.
(Alice) No. I'm saying it is strange because we can't take it seriously.

(Alice) Lain? Isn't it a love letter?
(Others) Is it true?
(Lain) No... Perhaps.
(Reika) Show me, show me. 
(Alice) Stop it. 
(Reika) Hmm... It's a brown envelope.
(Juri) What is written?
(Juli) ... What's this?
(Reika) It's boring!

(Lain) Psyche....

(Woman's Voice) No, my voice mail was peeped! I can't believe it!
(Man's Voice) There is no relevant information in the resume which we received.
(Man's Voice) We are examining it. For your company...
(Woman's Voice) I love kissing. It makes me happy by itself.
(Boy's Voice) After the kid made an silly incident by Accela, the supplier was
(Boy's Voice) scared, and now we can hardly get them.
(Man's Voice) Psyche seemed to be made in Taiwan.
(Man's Voice) And, there is a rumor that Psyche was designed by a group named
(Man's Voice) "Knights". But, I'm not sure "Knights" really exists.
(Girl's Voice) Did you feel good while dying?
(Boy's Voice) Yes. I felt like hugging myself for joy.
(Alice's Voice) No! There is someone in my room! A small like a child and
(Alice's Voice) winkled person is looking at me. ... Help me!
(Girl's Voice) I have a photograph taken when you were with your secret lover.
(Girl's Voice) I only want to trade. If you won't buy this, I'll upload this
(Girl's Voice) into the server in your company...
(Girl's Voice) Lain, why don't you come here?

(Navi) New mail has arrived for Lain.
(Lain) Navi..
(Father) Lain, have you get used to new navi?
(Lain) Do you know this?
(Father) No.
(Lain) But... Dad... I believed you to know.
(Father) I said no.

(Boy) Why don't you ...?
(Girl) No. No. I can't.
(Boy) I love you. Please...

(JJ) Lain!
(JJ) Why didn't you come here for a while?
(Lain) I...
(JJ) Huh? You look too girlish today.
(JJ) I'll "rave" again. Organize it again, please.

(Taro) What are you trying to look good?
(Masayuki) Also you are!
(Lain) Do you know this?
(Taro) Isn't it "Psyche"?
(Masayuki) Really?
(Myu-Myu) I've never seen this.
(Masayuki) Where did you buy it?
(Lain) Do you know this?
(Masayuki) What are you saying? With this, you can access to wired perfectly
(Masayuki) even by this.
(Lain) How should I use this?
(Myu-Myu) Idiot! You don't even know such a thing.
(Masayuki) Please, sell it to me, sell it to me!
(Taro) Idiot! You never could buy it.
(Masayuki) What is your navi?
(Lain) I'm not certain.
(Lain) But, perhaps it's the newest model of Tachibana.
(Kids) It's great!
(Taro) Did you access inside of it?

(Taro) Are you grade 2 of the junior high school, or grade 3?
(Lain) 2.
(Masayuki) Then, I assume that you have studied the "Information Basics".
(Masayuki) The basic layout of the navi is drawn in the textbook.
(Masayuki) Connect this on the backward of the board at the main processor.
(Masayuki) It will intercept the original information (to the processor) .
(Masayuki) And it will work automatically.
(Masayuki) It's easier than building a plastic model.
(Masayuki) Just aware of the static electricity.
(Lain) Thank you.
(Taro) Wait, information is not free both in wired and in the real world.
(Masayuki) How much? How much?

(Taro) Are you Lain?
(Taro) I saw you in the wired once.
(Taro) But you looked quite different.
(Taro) It is common to pretend the other character in the wired.
(Taro) But yours are quite opposite.
(Myu-Myu) Really?
(Taro) You were here when the silly incident happened at here, Weren't you?
(Taro) What are you up to?
(Lain) What can I do?
(Taro) Date with me once.
(Taro) But, not the current character, but the mad Lain.
(Taro) N... No. It's just a joke.
(Taro) When you like, please...
(Taro) That's all. Let's go!

(Mika) Who are you? Do you have any business to my home?
(ManInBlack1) You didn't meet us.
(Mika) What? I'll call the police!
(MIB2) Because, we are not here now.
(Mika) No... What? 
(Mika) Mom, Call the police when they come again.
(Mika) Mom, Are you hearing?

(Mika) ..What are you doing, Lain?
(Mika) ..What are you doing, with such a look? 
(Lain) I've heard that I have to avoid static electricities.
(Lain) It is better to wear off the clothes.
(Mika) Aren't you stupid?

(Lain) Ah.. Welcome home, my sister!