serial experiments lain
        layer:04 "RELIGION"

                                                Translated by Keisuke Shindo
                                                Dec. 8 1998 Ver1.1

 Lain was absorbed in altering the Navi with "psyche".
 Outside of the room, wired and real world began to mix together.


(Voice) I don't need parents.
(Voice) Every human is alone..
(Voice) And is connected to nobody.

(Title) RELIGION Layer:04

(Mother) How about her?
(Mika) Lain is strange. She was strange by nature, but...
(Father) No, she's not strange.
(Mika) Huh? What do you mean?
(Mother) Mika, be careful in your word to your father.
(Mother) Is it so?
(Father) Yes.

(HighSchoolBoy) What? What is it?
(HighSchoolBoy) Shit! Shit!... What?
(HighSchoolBoy) Shit! Shit!
(LittleGirl) Gotcha! (adult female voice)

(Julie) We're lucky. Next class is a study hour.
(Reika) It's strange that it's a extraordinary staff meeting.
(Alice) Is it true?
(Reika) what's that?
(Alice) I've heard that somebody in high school of this school killed herself.
(Julie) Suicide?
(Lain) Sorry, What?
(Reika) You wouldn't know it.
(Lain) About suicide?
(Reika) Do you know it about the suicide? Really?
(Lain) I only heard it from someone.
(Alice) Where did you hear it?
(Lain) Wired.
(Alice) You got used to your new navi. Could you show us later?
(Lain) Sure. But now, I'm altering it a little.
(Julie) Altering? Did you have so much interest in hacking?
(Reika) You look changed a little..
(Lain) Do you think so?
(Julie) Really?
(Reika) You look changed in some way.

(Alice) Then, what does the rumor say in the wired?
(Lain) I've heard that it's a game.
(Reika) Game? Is it a network game?
(Lain) I'm not certain, because I don't play it. 
(Lain) But I've heard that all of the dead kids were hooked on it.
(Julie) Boys like such a thing.
(Alice) Game... But why? 
(Lain) I'm not sure. But ..

(Reika) Don't eat so quickly. You got stuck.
(Lain) May I go back to home now?
(Reika) You don't need our permission.
(Julie) But why?
(Lain) I want to build up my navi soon. I didn't still completed it.
(Julie) You prefer a machine to friends.
(Alice) Julie!
(Alice) Lain, Show it to us when you complete it.
(Lain) Sorry, Bye.
(Alice) Certainly, she has been changing.

(Alice) Sorry. Here.
(LittleGirl) No, It's my fault. I'm sorry.

(Lain) Login.
(Navi) Authorize.
(Navi) Voice mail.
(Man's Voice) Hi, Lain.
(Man's Voice) As I can't answer your question, I asked my friend in my laboratory.
(Man's Voice) If you really have a psyche processor,
(Man's Voice) You have to set the oscillator to the "Variable" mode as you thought.
(Man's Voice) Almost all of the parts of the Navi around is up to the standard.
(Man's Voice) But, there still are a little difference.
(Man's Voice) I hope your success. Ask me when you need again. Bye.

(Lain) JJ! Do you know about the game which brats are hooked on?
(JJ) Yes, it's "PHANTOMa". Skip it. It's not for adult like you.
(JJ) Aren't you, Lain?
(JJ) Really? It seems that I became to mishear.

(Boy) I stopped it. I have nothing to do.

(Boy) Here is not wired. Why?
(Lain) Wait! Don't run!
(Boy) Who are you?
(Boy) Are you also a "PK"? Help me!
(Lain) I can't go to your place.
(Boy) What is it?

(Boy) Don't make fun of me!

(Boy) Bullet charge! Gauge 5!
(Boy) Die! Die! Die! Die!
(Boy) Die! Die! Die!

(Boy) I was only frightened.
(Boy) I didn't notice that it was just a little girl.
(Boy) It was not my fault. Because I knew nothing. 

(Boy) PHANTOMa is a game to battle each other through the wired.
(Boy) I downloaded the client of it from an illegal server, and played.
(Boy) It looked like a action game in a dungeon.
(Boy) I wonder why, but it was connected to the tag game for little kids.
(Boy) It was not my fault.

(Navi) A mail has arrived.
(Lain) Open it.
(Man's Voice) Hi, Lain. I didn't expect that you get interest in PHANTOMa.
(Man's Voice) Yes, I investigated. But it is not certain.
(Man's Voice) It is a very common style game in the wired.
(Man's Voice) But the problem is the function of connecting to other programs.
(Man's Voice) It seems that there is a strange "hole" in the protocol.
(Man's Voice) We guess that it was made by "Knights".
(Lain) Knights...

(Father) Lain, you look used to communicate in the wired very much.
(Lain) Yes.
(Father) Let me give you a warning.
(Lain) What?
(Father) Wired is just for sending and receiving informations and for
(Father) communications.
(Father) You must not mix up with the real world.
(Father) Can you understand my warning?
(Lain) No, it's not.
(Lain) The border seems not so plain.
(Lain) Soon, I can enter inside.
(Lain) And it will "metaphorize" all of me with "full motion and full range".
(Father) Even by the newest model, it's impossible by a commercial navi.
(Lain) I can. Because I altered it.
(Father) Is it Psyche processor? But...
(Lain) Don't worry. I am myself. (literal translation) 
(Father) I doubt it.

(Woman's Voice) I was waiting for you for a long time. Why? Why didn't you come?
(Man's Voice) ... (seems not Japanese.)
(Woman's Voice) This is a fortune ... If you get... you will get many luck.
(Man's Voice) As a result, Knights is not a real group.
(Man's Voice) But It does a thought control in the wired.
(Man's Voice) So to speak, Knights rules like a religion in the wired.
(Boy's Voice) If you love someone more than I, I'll give up you. But, if...
(Man's Voice) ... (seems not Japanese.)
(Girl's Voice) ... Believe me, I was followed by someone...
(Girl's Voice) Lain, Why don't you come here quickly?

(Lain) Go away.
(Lain) Go away!
(Navi) Intruder. Interrupted.