serial experiments lain
        layer:05 "DISTORTION"

                                                Translated by Keisuke Shindo
                                                Nov. 28 1998 Ver 1.1

 "Execute the prophecy" a mysterious and persistent message makes Mika mentally


(Voice) If you can hear it, it is talking to you.
(Voice) If you can see it, it is your....

(Title) DISTORTION  Layer:05

(Deus) Human beings may not evolve any longer.
(Deus) Human's incidence of cancer is by far lower than other animal.
(Deus) There is a theory that human being is already a neoteny, and never evolve
(Deus) more.
(Deus) If it is true, what a stupid animal they became.
(Deus) They forgot the force which operate themselves, and they are only
(Deus) satisfying their desire.
(Deus) Don't you think they are worthless?
(Deus) Human being is only so much.

(Deus) But, You don't have to remain such a miserable human being.
(Deus) Now, human beings only created the exit.
(Lain) What is it?
(Deus) Network. It's wired, Lain.
(Lain) Who are you?
(Deus) I'm God.

(Man) Hey, shall we go to have something?
(Man) Aren't you hungry?
(Man) How about going to a swimming pool next time?

(Lain) Tell me a story.
(Lain) Please, Please.
(Lain) Tell me... a story.
(Doll) Which story do you want, Lain?
(Lain) Well... Well...
(Lain) Something I don't know.
(Doll) What you don't know is what does not exist.
(Doll) I can't tell a story which does not exist.
(Doll) You know it. don't you?
(Doll) Well, how about this? There is a prophecy before every event.
(Doll) Only when the prophecy is there, the event will occur.
(Lain) Who? Who will prophesy?

(Announce) At various places in Tokyo, "VTCZX" Traffic Information Service System
(Announce) sent wrong information. 
(Announce) Especially at the crowded crossing, automatic driving program of cars
(Announce) and trucks were interfered each other, and they were out of control.
(Announce) And, there was an accident resulting to death at Shibuya Tokyo.
(Announce) But the Information Agency told that the system was already fixed and
(Announce) never happen again.

(Mika) ...

(Taro) Excuse me?
(Taro) Could you date with me?
(Mika) ...
(Mika) !
(Taro) No...See you later!
(Mika) Wait!
(Mika) It's disgusting...
(Mika) It will be a stain.

(Tissue Paper) Hell is full of dead.
(Tissue Paper) The dead will be wandered.
(Mika) What is it?
(Mika) It's inauspicious.

(Woman) What is she doing?
(Man) Isn't she crazy?
(Lain) love me, love me... 
(Mika) Lain?
(Mika) What is she doing?

(Mask) Prophecy will be executed, Lain.
(Lain) It must not be a prophecy.
(Mask) Yes, It's a prophecy.
(Mask) History is not a collection of independent points which were passed by.
(Mask) They are connected by lines by someone. No, they were forced to connect.
(Lain) Who? Who connect them?

(Alice) Lain!
(Reika) What did you do yesterday?
(Julie) I didn't know that you can do so much.
(Alice) You already became to be able to do such a "hacky" thing. 
(Lain) What do you mean?
(Reika) Don't play innocent.
(Lain) I really don't know.
(Alice) Didn't you do that, Lain?
(Lain) What?

(Navi) They reported that the accident of the network last afternoon was
(Navi) possibly caused by someone. And the Information Inspection Department of
(Navi) the Information Agency began to investigate the cause. Network was ...

(Clerk) Total 948yen.
(Clerk) Thank you. Please take your time.
(Alice) It arrived again.
(Reika) What?
(Alice) It's SPAM. Indiscriminate mail. They are persistent.
(Reika) Is it "Execute the prophecy"?
(Julie) Is it a declaration of war by a heresy group?
(Alice) I talked to a "geek" friend who I knew in the wired.
(Alice) She said that they were sent by "Knights".
(Julie) What is Knights?
(Alice) I've heard that it's a group of great hackers.
(Reika) But I think that hackers doesn't usually get together.
(Alice) I agree. But Knights may not be a group of human, but something else.
(Alice) And they are very influential in the wired and doing many thing.
(Julie) Then, it must be a secret society.
(Reika) Is it fun to do such a thing?
(Alice) I suppose that they aren't for money or fun.

(Mother?) It is appropriate that the wired is an upper layer of the real world.
(Mother?) The flesh in real world is just a hologram of the information of the
(Mother?) wired.
(Lain) Mom?
(Mother?) Because, human's consciousness is just a physical phenomenon of
(Mother?) electrical signals of synapse. 
(Lain) I...
(Mother?) The reason of existence of the flesh is only to confirm your existence
(Mother?) as you're doing now.
(Lain) Are you really my mom?
(Lain) Please...

(Mika) Lain?
(Lain) What?
(Mika) Were you at Shibuya?
(Mika) Nothing.

 (Now you can see the emblem of Knights surrounding Mika.)

(Girl) Don't you think that he looks good?
(Girl) How did you do with him?
(Girl) Please tell me.

(Water) "Execute the prophecy"
(Mika) ...What is the prophecy?

(Mika)  Why? I was having dinner with my dad and mom...
(Mika)  Why?

(Mika) Is somebody in?
(Mika) I know you are in.
(Door) "Execute the prophecy" "Execute the prophecy"
(Door) "Execute the prophecy" "Execute the prophecy"...

(Lain) Are you really my dad?
(Father?) In the wired, there may be more than just electrical information.
(Father?) when the telephone network and radio was created, I believe that the
(Father?) other world may be generated, 
(Lain) What...
(Father?) God is only a concept in this real world.
(Father?) But, I think there may be "Deus" in the wired.
(Lain) God?
(Father?) I don't know if it should be called God or not.
(Father?) But, I think that he may rule the wired as written in myth.
(Lain) I may have talked to God.
(Father?) Deus in the wired may affect to this real world by some way.
(Father?) Yes, by a prophecy.
(Lain) Prophecy?

(Lain) What's up?
(Mika) Nothing serious.

(Lain) Who's next today?