serial experiments lain
        layer:06 "KIDS" 

                                        Translated by Keisuke Shindo
                                        Dec. 14 1998 Ver1.1

 Kids opened their hands, and looked at the sky.
 Where they were looking at, a giant appeared between clouds.


(Voice) When humans are connected, small voices will be larger.
(Voice) When humans are connected, even life will get longer.
(Voice) So...

(Title) KIDS Layer:06

(Father) Lain, I'll come in.

(Father) Lain?

(Lain) Thank you.
(Lain) But I've already confirmed that "register".
(Lain) It's so interesting.
(Lain) I agree. It would be better if the next generation protocol will
(Lain) be released soon. When it will, I can...
(Lain) But, why are you so kind to me?
(Lain) I don't think so. It is just my curious.
(Lain) Because, I have few friends...
(Lain) Thank you all in Knights.
(Lain) Yes, yes.

(MobileNavi) Connected...
(Reika) You are too diligent.
(Alice) Lain, you look back again.
(Julie) Let's play together again.
(Julie) If you are alone, Your life will be miserable.
(Lain) But, I'm not alone. Many people come to me.
(Lain) No, I may go to their place.
(Reika) You mean the wired? It's not a real friendship among "net pal".
(Alice) Reika is an old fogy.
(Julie) Old fogy.
(Reika) I'm enough as an old fogy.
(Reika) But, Lain. Who are you talking to?
(Lain) It's a secret.
(Reika) Don't hesitate!
(Julie) Tell me!

(Julie) It will be fit to Lain.
(Reika) I don't think.
(Julie) I think this is better.
(Alice) No, I think this is better, Lain?
(Julie) Let's go to the shop. We can eat ice cream all for 30 minutes at 
(Julie) there.

(Reika) What?
(Alice) What's up?
(Julie) What is that kid doing?
(Reika) I wonder why.
(Julie) Go now, Lain.

(Alice) Lain? What!?
(Reika) Really?
(Man) What is that?
(Alice) Is that... Lain?

(Mother) You back fast nowadays.
(Mother) Instead of you, Lain is late nowadays.
(Mother) Did you get the recommendation (to the next grade school)?
(Mika) A... a....
(Mother) She came back.

(Navi) There was an extraordinary phenomenon at the sky in Tokyo.
(Navi) Many people are afraid of it.
(Navi) Is it a mischief by some people?
(Navi) Is it just a natural phenomenon? 
(Navi) Or was it done on purpose by someone?

(Lain) Hello Navi.
(Lain) Connect wired.

(Mouth) Are you Lain?
(Mouth) You are great. You can metaphorize your shape in real world so much.
(Lain(wired)) You are pretending a Cheshire cat.
(Mouth) I can do only this by my user permission level.
(Mouth) Almost people only have a ear. I'm better than them.
(Lain(w)) Don't waste your breath. Give me information.
(Mouth) If I help Lain, I'll be a hero in this local only by this,
(Lain(w)) You have too much noise.
(Lain(w)) Do you know the play which is popular among children?
(Mouth) Play? There are too many child plays.
(Lain(w)) Stupid fellow.
(Mouth) Did you think it is a child play by your inspiration?
(Lain(w)) Everything will be a play for children.
(Mouth) Oh... You found out the "result". I see. He may know the answer.
(Lain(w)) He is a scientist, children killer.
(Mouth) You found out him by yourself!
(Mouth) In real world, he is an old man only waiting for die at hospital ward.
(Mouth) I helped you. A little. Ask about "KIDS".
(Lain(w)) I know everything. I didn't need your help, Cheshire cat.
(Lain(w)) Prof. Hodgson. Now it's your turn. Tell me about.

(Hodgson) You look very lifelike (even in the wired). Young lady.
(Lain(w)) What is KIDS?
(Hodgson) What a calm time.
(Hodgson) Until my body in real world rots, I want to stay calm.
(Lain(w)) You must know what happened. What is KIDS?
(Hodgson) Beautiful time. Silence like eternal.
(Lain(w)) Prof. Hodgson. Let me see the data of the experiment 15 years ago.
(Hodgson) I didn't want to let children in danger.
(Lain(w)) Not 15 years ago, But the play which children are doing now.
(Lain(w)) Isn't it a reproduction of your experiment 15 years ago?
(Hodgson) Someone found out from trash box.
(Hodgson) I believed that Ideleted all of the data.
(Lain(w)) Tell me about "Kensington experiment".

(Hodgson) "PSI", super psychological power. Almost kids have it even it is very
(Hodgson) small.
(Hodgson) It's not much of ESP. Just for intuition and a physical force just to
(Hodgson) bend a coin.
(Lain(w)) What are these over their head?
(Hodgson) We called "Outer Receptor", and they receive their "PSI".

(Hodgson) This is "KID". Even though each of them is weak, if I collect the
(Hodgson) forces of kids...
(Lain(w)) What did you expect?
(Hodgson) Something unpredictable. I wanted to see it. Young lady.

(Lain(w)) What did you do by them?
(Hodgson) I thought that science is not only experiments on the hypothesis.
(Lain(w)) I'm not asking about it.
(Lain(w)) Didn't you think of the children?
(Hodgson) No, I didn't as you said.
(Hodgson) It will convert the weak electromagnetic wave of brain which Outer
(Hodgson) Receptor received.
(Hodgson) "KID System" is an extension of a part of functions of brain.
(Hodgson) It is called "KIDS".

(Lain(w)) When all of their PSI was joined, how much power was generated...
(Lain(w)) Stop it.
(Lain(w)) Stop it!

(Hodgson) I broke them completely never to be restored.
(Hodgson) But the schematics of the machine was spilled out to somewhere in the
(Hodgson) wired, and precipitated.
(Lain(w)) Someone has found it out.
(Hodgson) They updated it to function without the outer receptor.
(Hodgson) It was really great that they could do so widespread by only 
(Hodgson) "emulation" of it.
(Lain(w)) Do you think only about it? Do you think children are not important?
(Hodgson) The children won't back to real world whatever I think.
(Hodgson) Moreover, I don't know about the current children...
(Lain(w)) You are selfish. Who are using it now?
(Hodgson) Young lady, I'm tired from talking. I'm glad to see you.
(Hodgson) I don't know what you are trying to do, and what you are trying to be.
(Hodgson) But, you are strong. Extremely strong.
(Hodgson) You must be a blessed child by God in the wired if he exists.
(Lain(w)) I.. I don't
(Hodgson) Where did your enormous power come from? You are different from those
(Hodgson) who are playing the mischief by KIDS.
(Lain(w)) Mischief?
(Hodgson) Well, let me go now. I'm tired a little.
(Hodgson) Now my embers of life disappeared. My wish was also fulfilled.
(Lain(w)) Knights...

(Lain(w)) Shut up!
(Lain(w)) What are you?
(Lain(w)) Why were you trying to tell me something?
(Lain(w)) Was I only a toy for you? Was it just a play?
(Lain(w)) What do you want to do by KIDS? Just for fun?
(Lain(w)) You will do anything only if you can do and you are interested.
(Lain(w)) If you will, you are just monkeys!
(Lain(w)) Why nobody answers?

(Lain(w)) They are... I see!
(Lain(w)) You! You are Knights! Aren't you?
(Lain(w)) Aren't you Knights?
(MIB) Lie down.
(Lain(w)) What?
(MIB) It's your cooling system in your room.
(Lain(w)) What?
(MIB) They sent "parasite bomb" to your cooling system.
(Lain(w)) You said as if you are nothing to do with.
(MIB) We didn't.
(Lain(w)) Who? Who did it?
(MIB) Knights.