serial experiments lain layer:07 "SOCIETY" Translated by Keisuke Shindo k_shindo@mail.goo.ne.jp Dec. 15 1998 Ver 1.1 


 About her families, about Lain herself, men asked to Lain closely. "Who are you?" 


(Voice) I'll tell only to you. 

(Voice) Only you don't know, what happened in this society, and what is 

(Voice) going on... 

(Title) SOCIETY Layer:07 

(Lain) No, It's not. 

(Lain) I'm only looking at. 

(Lain) In wired ...I will change. 

(Lain) I'm not certain. 

(Lain) Who? 

(Mika) a... e... 

(Lain) My sister? 

(Lain) My sister has changed nowadays. 

(Lain) I don't agree. 

(Lain) I don't know. 

(Nezumi) I know that wired and real world was connected at "linear". 

(Nezumi) I can exist at anywhere. 

(Nezumi) Anywhere my flesh is, I can send my consciousness into anywhere. 

(Secretary) Immotor Consortium. It's time for dinner with them. 

(Man) Yes. 

(Navi) Mail. 

(Man) Wait for 3 minutes. I'll go to downstairs. 

(Secretary) I understand. 

(Man) How do we play next? 

(FatMan) Hehehe, Here! 

(FatMan) Hehehe. Yes, you idiot! 

(FatMan) I'm better than you. Hehehe. 

(Lain) Real world is not real at all. 

(Alice) Lain, are you all right? 

(Lain) What is? 

(Alice) You look back again nowadays. 

(Alice) As we only wanted you to get better, we took you to some places. 

(Alice) We really hoped so. 

(Alice) But, if you were not happy to, I'll apologize it. 

(Lain) Yes, I was. I was happy to... 

(Lain) I was... 

(Alice) Good. 

(Lain) Alice, thank you for worrying about me. 

(Alice) We are friends. Bye. 

(Navi) This afternoon, the firewall in the Information Agency was crashed by 

(Navi) cracking by someone. 

(Navi) Now, information in the wired is confusing. 

(Navi) Beware, although this news was sent now, it will be received at 

(Navi) tomorrow or yesterday. 

(Man'sVoice) I've heard that it was done by Knights. 

(Man'sVoice) What is Knights? 

(Woman'sVoice) Knights. "Calculus Knights". They are very influential in the 

(Woman'sVoice) wired. There is no information about the members. 

(Woman'sVoice) Not only disturbing the information in the wired, 

(Woman'sVoice) They are also developing and distributing illegal information 

(Woman's Vice) devices. 

(Man'sVoice) I 've heard that Lain was aimed at. 

(Man's Voice) Who is Lain? 

(Woman'sVoice) Lain, there is 0 information about it. 

(Man's Voice) I've never seen Lain for a long time. 

(Man's Voice) Who's Lain? 

(Man's Voice) A girl! 

(Man's Voice) Girl? 

(Man's Voice) Strong! 

(Man's Voice) What is strong? 

(Man's Voice) Metaphorize, Will. Power. Light of eyes. Existence. 

(Text) Have you ever seen the lain? 

(Text) Live monotony the rest of the life. 

(Text) God bless you. 

(Text) Who are you? 

(Man's Voice) May I ask a question? 

(Man's Voice) What? 

(Man's Voice) Are you a member of Knights? 

(Carrier) It's for you. 

(Woman) Oh, you need my stamp. 

(Woman) Sorry to you waiting. 

(Woman) What? 

(Carrier) Is it a newest Navi? I also want it. 

(Woman) I bought it by my side job. 

(Carrier) I can't buy it even though I'm working this job. 

(Woman) Work harder. 

(Carrier) Yes. I have to work more. I'll teach you if you want. 

(Woman) Hmm, will you teach me? 

(Carrier) Yes, I have enough skills. 

(Woman) Do you tempt wives like now? 

(Carrier) Not at... Yes. 

(Child) Hi, I'm back. 

(Woman) Thank you. 

(Child) May I go to Kin-ya's house? 

(Woman) You can play a game with him through the net. 

(Child) But, I want to ask him how to play the game. 

(Woman) Wired is the same as real world. 

(MIB) Iwakura Lain san. Could you come with me? 

(MIB) We won't force you to come. We are only asking for. 

(MIB) We won't harm you physically. 

(Lain) Who are you? 

(MIB) We'll tell you when you come with us. 

(Nezumi) I don't want to remain such a place. 

(Nezumi) I can do this. Look! 

(Nezumi) I'm breaking the barrier between the real world and the wired. 

(Nezumi) Please. I have enough skills as a member of Knights. 

(Nezumi) Please let me join in you Knights. 

(Nezumi) Praise me, I found it by myself. It's your secret channel. 

(Nezumi) Please let me join. 

(Nezumi) Who? 

(Sign) Tachibana lab. Shinbashi Office. 

(Man) Come here. I can't make this machine be recognized by the firewall at the 

(Man) head office. I did everything I could by applications. 

(Man) It seems impossible to do with this old style navi. 

(Man) I have been using this for a long time. So, I don't want to change to a 

(Man) newer navi. 

(Man) I'm so old. If I were young like you. 

(Lain) That jumper... 

(Lain) Pull this... and this jumper off. 

(Man) Could you do it? 

(Navi) Authorize. 

(Nezumi) Lain! Are you a member of Knights? 

(Nezumi) Aren't you, Lain? I didn't know that you are! 

(Lain(wired)) Idiot! 

(Nezumi) Wait, wait! It was fun so much what you did by kids. 

(Nezumi) But I have better ideas. Please, let me join in you Knights. 

(Man) There is no national barrier in the wired. 

(Man) There are too many anarchists who are talking nonsense. 

(Man) And there are too many fools who believe that a mischief to the society 

(Man) is a revolution. 

(Man) But, Knights seems different to them. 

(Lain) Knights... 

(Man) I don't know you were aware of it. Your existence in the wired was 

(Man) very unnatural. And Knights seemed to have special interest in you. 

(Lain) What ...are you saying...? 

(Man) Knights. You have talked directly to them. 

(Lain) But... I... What... 

(Man) Anyway, they want to use you for something. 

(Man) We have to stop it at any risk. 

(Lain) You... What? Who are you? 

(Nezumi) I'll keep the secret, of course. 

(Nezumi) I know you believe in Deus. I'll obey you too. 

(Nezumi) But is it true? I can't believe that there is God in the wired now. 

(Nezumi) But I will know more about it when I am joined. I'll believe in. 

(Nezumi) You? You come to invite me! 

(Man) Name? No need our name. 

(Man) I and they have no name. 

(Man) Tell me, Iwakura Lain. Are you the same person as "Lain in the wired"? 

(Man) Who are you? 

(Lain) I... I... 

(Man) Are your parents really your parents? 

(Lain) What...? 

(Man) Is your sister really your sister? 

(Lain) What are you saying? Of course.... 

(Man) When is your father's birthday? 

(Lain) My dad ... is... 

(Man) When is your mother's birthday? 

(Man) When did your parents marry? Marry for love? Arranged marriage? 

(Lain) They are ... 

(Man) Why don't you know them? Have you never hear it? 

(Man) Have you never cerebrated their birthday with your family? 

(Man) When and where were you born? 

(Lain) Stop it ... 

(Man) You don't know anything about you. 

(Man) Are you all right? You really know completely nothing... 

(Lain(wired)) Shut up! You are asking about only trivial matters. Nonsense! 

(Man) Are you "Lain in the wired"? 

(Lain(w)) Yes, so what? 

(Man) You know the border between the wired and the real world began to break 

(Man) without devices. 

(Lain(w)) So what? 

(Man) We think it is dangerous. 

(Lain(w)) It's interesting. 

(Man) Hmm... 

(Lain(w)) Let me pass. 

(Lain(w)) What? 

(MIB) You yourself are dangerous. 

(Man) Carl! 

(Man) She is right. Something interesting is beginning. Just watch it. 

(Woman) Syo-chan. 

(Child) What's up, mom? 

(Woman) Let's play together! 

(Child) Did you finish your business? 

(Woman) Of course. I'm excellent. 

(Woman) I'll beat you, Syo-chan. 

(Woman) Prepare it. Here!