serial experiments lain
        layer:08 "RUMORS" 

                                        Translated by Keisuke Shindo
                                        Dec. 15 1998 Ver 1.1

 A rumor in wired about Alice.
 A rumor that who peeped Alice and spread the rumor was Lain.
 Two rumors hurt Lain deeply.


(Voice) Do you want to hurt yourself too?
(Voice) Do you want to feel your mind scraped by a rasp?
(Voice) If you want to, never to turn your eyes away.

(Title) RUMORS Layer:08

(Taro) Nobody knows if there is God in this wired or not.
(Taro) There is no difference for us between there is God in the wired or not.
(Taro) Lain, wait for a while. I'll kill him.
(Lain(wired)) Why are you interested in killing other players so much?
(Taro) Nobody knows what is fun and why it is fun for me.

(Lain) It was Tachibana Lab written on the doorplate.

(Voice) Tachibana is a huge company.
(Voice) They ought not to do an illegal work. But I've heard a rumor.
(Lain(w)) Rumor?
(Voice) Do you know why we can communicate in the wired?
(Lain(w)) Are you testing me? I believe you are arguing about "IP".
(Voice) Sorry. Yes. We don't usually aware of the protocol.
(Voice) But the current protocol, the 6th generation is already reached to the
(Voice) limit at the data throughput.
(Lain(w)) The 7th protocol.
(Voice) Yes. the 7th protocol. Many company are making it their own
(Voice) infrastructure.
(Voice) Because, if they rule the protocol, they will rule the whole economy
(Voice) in the wired. 
(Voice) I've heard that they were sabotaged persistently.
(Voice) Who is killing them is...
(Lain(w)) Tachibana Lab.

(Lain) My sister?
(Mika) a... e...

(Lain) Mom, Dad, I...
(Lain) I was asked by someone. "Are you really Iwakura Lain? Are your parents
(Lain) really your parents?" It's strange. strange. They said strange things.
(Father,Mother) ...

(Girls) Good morning
(Lain) Alice...
(Alice) Good morning.
(Lain) ...What happened?
(Alice) I don't believe it. 
(Lain) What?
(Alice) Lain, didn't you?
(Lain) What?
(Reika) She is just pretending not to know.
(Alice) Reika! Don't took her for (the criminal).
(Julie) Lain, didn't you do that?
(Lain) What are you...?
(Alice) Lain, in the wired, did you...
(Alice) No. It must not be Lain. I believe in you.
(Reika) Alice.
(Alice) .....
(Julie) Alice!

(Man's mouth) That company is in danger. Avoid to be paid by draft.
(Woman's mouth) Can you believe he has such vulgar taste even though he look
(Woman's mouth) quite good?
(Man's mouth) There is a serious bug in Protocol 6. It will cause the enormous
(Man's mouth) loss to the wired.
(Woman's mouth) Every night, a man with red and green striped shirt appears in
(Woman's mouth) her room.
(Man's mouth) That Idol singer knocked down someone and ran away by her
(Man's mouth) boyfriend's car when she was in high school.
(Woman's mouth) This is true. I heard it from directly.
(Man's mouth) That building is famous for ghosts. When you look at the terminal
(Man's mouth) at midnight..
(Woman's mouth) Knights doesn't exist. It's just a joke by an American student.
(Lain(w)) Shut up! Why do you think them interesting?
(Deus) Don't you think them interesting?
(Deus) Aren't you looking for me?
(Lain(w)) Is it an appearance of God?
(Deus) What is the definition of God?
(Deus) If you mean the creator of the world, I didn't.
(Deus) If you mean the almighty of the world, I can't.
(Lain(w)) Where are you?
(Deus) If you mean the common existence of the world, yes, you may call me so.
(Deus) I'm only affecting the world a little.
(Lain(w)) Who are you?
(Deus) I am you. 
(Deus) I believe you noticed that there have been another "you" in the wired.
(Deus) You are just a hologram of it. You are only a flesh.
(Lain(w)) I can't... believe. I can't.
(Deus) Even you can't believe that Lain in the real world is the same person as
(Deus) current Lain in the wired.
(Lain(w)) But, I am myself...

(MobileNavi) Lain is a peeper.

(Lain) Alice? Alice, where are you? 
(MobileNavi) Don't mind the rumors! from Alice.
(Lain) Alice? Alice, where are you? Alice!

(Lain) Alice? where are you? Alice?

(Lain) What did I do in wired?
(Lain) What am "I" doing who I don't know?
(MobileNavi) Don't mind the rumors! from Alice.

(Text) Searching...

(Teacher) Don't you think that you must not do this with your teacher?
(Alice) No...
(Teacher) If you must not do.. Why are you doing this?
(Alice) Because I want to...
(Lain(evil)) Hehehe...
(Alice) ...
(Lain(e)) Do you know? Do you know who Mizuki Alice loves?
(Lain(e)) Do you know who Alice is remembering, while she is playing with
(Lain(e)) herself?
(Alice) Did you spread it? Was the rumor correct?
(Lain(e)) Hahaha...
(Alice) Lain! Have you been always watching me like now?
(Alice) What I made a secret of, and when I never want to be seen, and I...
(Lain(e)) Hahaha....
(Alice) Tell me it's not! Lain!
(Alice) Lain... you...

(Lain) Ahhh...

(Lain(e)) Hahaha...
(Lain(wired)) Who are you? You are not me. I won't do like you did.
(Lain(e)) I...
(Lain(w)) Stop it! Why do you imitate part of me which I don't like?
(Lain(e)) Hahaha...
(Lain(w)) You!
(Lain(e)) I will kill myself... Hahaha..
(Lain(w)) Why? Why is your body so warm? Why do I feel your body temperature?
(Lain(e)) Because I am Lain.
(Lain(w)) No!
(Lain) No!
(Lain(e)) Hahaha...

(Lain(w)) What are these?
(Deus) Everything is you.
(Deus) I said that you have existed in the wired.
(Lain(w)) ?
(Deus) You are equal to me. You were dispersed in the wired.
(Deus) Therefore, you were always everyone's side even everywhere.
(Deus) You saw everything what everyone never want to be known.
(Deus) You just spread them in the wired.
(Deus) You were right. Information in the wired would be shared among everyone.

(Lain(w)) Everything you said must be lie.
(Deus) Why?
(Lain(w)) Alice said that she saw me in the wired when I was not in.
(Lain(w)) As I recognize myself, my absolute ego is inside of me.
(Lain(w)) Do you say that these poor made dupes are me? Nonsense!
(Lain(w)) Even if you are right...
(Deus) So what, Lain?
(Lain(w)) I can delete their memory peeped by me. I can delete the information.
(Deus) Sure. Try it. You were born to be able to do it.

(Text) Deleting..

(Girls) Good Morning.
(Alice) Lain!
(Julie) Lain!
(Lain) Did you forget them?
(Lain) Is it true?
(Alice,Julie,Reika) Lain!
(Lain) It's true!
(Lain) Alice!
(Lain) ...What?
(Lain(e)) Alice!
(Lain(e)) I want to go to Cyberia tonight. Please.
(Julie) I agree!
(Reika) It's unusual for you.
(Alice) OK. Change clothes at my home again.
(Lain(e)) Good!
(Lain(e)) How will I dress?
(Lain) Stop it! I am myself!
(Alice,Julie,Reika,Lain(e)) Hahaha...
(Lain) I'm here!
(Julie) Quick!
(Lain(e)) Yes. Lain is Lain. I am myself. Hehe...

(Lain) Hello, Navi.
(Navi) Hello, Lain.
(Lain) I am myself.
(Lain) There is no "I" other than myself, is there?