serial experiments lain
        layer:10 "LOVE" 

                                        Translated by Keisuke Shindo
                                        Jan. 5 1999 Ver 1.1

 People who leave from Lain. A person who appears to Lain.
 People tell Lain their "love".


(Title) LOVE Layer:10

(Lain) The only one truth... God.
(Eiri=Deus) Yes, it's me. Lain.
(Lain) Are you God?
(Eiri) Yes, I'm God.

(Eiri) (Asks as if he is Lain)
(Eiri) Why can you be a god? I can't understand it.
(Eiri) Aren't you already dead as a human? You can't be a god.
(Lain) (Answers as if she is Eiri)
(Lain) I understand that the flesh is not necessary.
(Lain) Death only means to abandon the flesh.
(Eiri) It is about Chisa.
(Text) I don't need to remain here.
(Lain) It is... Yes... But I improved the protocol that rule the wired.
(Eiri) Yes, you did it. But protocol is only an agreement.
(Lain) Yes. But I programmed a code that will function in higher phase.
(Eiri) So what?
(Lain) I programmed some compressed information into the protocol in code.
(Eiri) What kind of information?
(Lain) Human's memory... All the thought, profile, memory, emotion of me Eiri
(Lain) Masami.
(Eiri) What does it mean?
(Lain) I can live forever in wired as an "anonymous" existence, and rule there
(Lain) by information.
(Eiri) What should you be called?
(Lain) God.
(Eiri) There is no God.
(Lain) Even if I could be a common existence in the wired and affect to the
(Lain) wired, I can't be a god by itself if there is no believer.
(Eiri) But there are. No, you created them.
(Lain) Knights...
(Eiri) You don't need your flesh, Lain.
(Lain(w)) No, it's not.

(Student) Stand up! Bow!
(Teacher) Now put away your textbook.
(Lain) I... I'm real... I'm alive... I'm here...
(Lain) Why have things come to this? Do I do something wrong?
(Lain) I have always tried not to become so. I have always tried not to say
(Lain) something wrong...
(Lain) Is it true? I might not have a flesh...
(Alice) You are right, Lain. You are no longer needed in the real world.

(Lain) I'm back.

(Mika) Pee... Gaaaa..

(Lain) Dad?
(Father) Now, I have to say good-bye to you, Lain-san.
(Father) Didn't you notice it? We finished our job.
(Father) I couldn't do enough to you although it was a short time.
(Father) Now you are free. You can do anything you want.
(Father) No, you have been free by nature.
(Father) Although I was not allowed to tell good-bye to you, I loved you.
(Father) I didn't enjoy to pretend a family. But I think that I envied you.
(Father) Bye.

(Lain) Wait!
(Lain) Don't let me alone!
(Father) Alone? You are not alone.
(Father) When you connect to the wired, You will always be welcomed.
(Father) You were born to be so.

(Lain) I'm not alone...
(Woman'sVoice) Do you want to do something, Lain?
(Woman'sVoice) This is your world, Lain.
(Lain(wired)) Who are Knights? They may created false me.
(Man'sVoice) I don't agree.
(Man'sVoice) It's possible. It seems that the Knights of Eastern Calculus
(Man'sVoice) originated in Temple Knights. 
(Man'sVoice) They have used "the group of unconscious" before the wired
(Man'sVoice) appared.
(Man'sVoice) "The group of unconscious" is an invisible network between
(Man'sVoice) humans.
(Woman'sVoice) What do you want to know?
(Lain(w)) Knights... Who are Knights?
(Woman'sVoice) Do you want to know it?
(Lain(w)) Why God in the wired can be God is because there are believers of
(Lain(w)) God.

(Masayuki) Taro, shall we go to another place? Don't you feel boring?
(Myu-myu) Yes. How about going to my house?
(Myu-myu) Masayuki, you don't need to come.
(Masayuki) What are you saying?
(Myu-myu) Taro will not keep you company. You are still a child.
(Masayuki) What are you saying? Myu-myu is also a child.
(Myu-myu) I am enough. Younger is always better for girls.
(Masayuki) What is it?
(Myu-myu) Don't you think so, Taro?
(Myu-myu) What happened? What does the Net News say?
(Taro) List.
(Myu-myu) List?  What List?
(Taro) Why is there a list of the members of Knights on Net News?

(Man(Knights)) Yes.
(MIB2) Don't speak anything.
(Man(Knights)) Who are you?
(MIB1) Take your responsibility.

(Secretary) !

(Boy) Mom, I lost.
(Boy) It's your turn. If you won't, I will continue it.
(Boy) Mom, I'll beat them.

(News) Many people were killed themselves all over the world today.
(News) The information agency and the police in each country started to
(News) investigate the cause.
(News) All of them were concerned with network service.
(News) Informed sources say that they were members of a group named Knights.

(Lain) Why did you do it?
(MIB1) It was a request from our client.
(MIB1) You found out the members of Knights all over the world.
(MIB1) Now we are killing them all over the world.
(Lain) ...
(MIB1) Wired must not be special. It must only help the real world.
(MIB2) You also must not exist in wired. But you are still alive.
(MIB2) You may have a protection by God.
(MIB1) Soon, the remained ghost of Eiri Masami in wired will be disinfected.
(MIB1) Our client is now working to rewrite all of the Protocol 7.
(MIB1) We don't need God.
(MIB2) Both in wired and in real world.

(MIB1) We still can't even understand what you are.
(MIB1) But I love you.
(MIB1) Love is a strange emotion.

(Lain) What will you do?
(Eiri) Well, what shall I do...
(Lain) There is no your believer left.
(Eiri) If so, I can't remain God.
(Eiri) But there is one believer left. If there is one believer, I'm still God.
(Lain) Who?
(Eiri) Are you kidding? It's you, Lain.
(Eiri) You can be you because of me. 
(Eiri) You were born in the wired. You were a legend in the wired, and a heroine
(Eiri) in fairy tale in the wired...
(Lain) No...
(Eiri) Iwakura Lain in real world is only a hologram of it.
(Eiri) You are a homunculus by artificial ribosome.
(Eiri) There has been no true body of you.
(Lain) No...
(Eiri) False family, false friends... everything was false.
(Lain) No...
(Lain) No, it's not...
(Eiri) Pity Lain. You are completely alone now.
(Eiri) But I am with you. I love you.
(Eiri) You'll love me who sent you to this world.
(Eiri) I'm the creator of you.
(Eiri) Love me... Please Lain...
(Lain) Another...
(Eiri) What?
(Lain) Another I...
(Eiri) Not another you. It's real you.
(Lain(wired)) No matter which is!