serial experiments lain
        layer:11 "INFORNOGRAPHY" 

                                        Translated by Keisuke Shindo
                                        Dec. 26 1998 Ver 1.0

 Lain is connecting to wired too much by her whole body.
 What do tired Lain's eyes see...


(Title) INFORNOGRAPHY Layer:11

(Text) It is not so suspicious to be called a memory.

(Text) But you are also here.
(Text) Inconvenient BODY.

(Text) I am myself..
(Text) Lain is lain...

(Chisa) You should come here.

(Text) I don't need to remain here.

(Text) Think different.

(Prof. Hodgson) Now let me go. I'm tired.
(Father) Hehehe..

(Myu-myu) I have never seen this.
(ManInTachibana) Iwakura Lain, are you a same person...
(Taro) I've ever seen you in wired.

(Subtitle) A biochemical research group in Tachibana Lab. succeeded in
(Subtitle) analyzing the molecular structure of the genome of human.

(PocketNavi) Lain is a peeper.

(NewsPaper) Mr. Eiri Masami
(Text) ... come...

(Eiri) Pity Lain.

(Lain(evil)) Because I am Lain.
(Lain(wired)) No!
(Lain) No!

(Alice) You are right. You are no longer needed in the real world.
(Lain(evil)) I will kill myself ... hahaha...
(Lain(wired)) Why? Why is your body warm? Why do I feel your body temperature?

(Eiri) Yes, I'm God.
(Alice) You...

(Alice) Lain, You will be happy if you become more positive.

(Alice) Certainly she has been changing.
(Alice) Are you all right?
(Alice) You look back again.
(Alice) Are you all right? Lain?
(Alice) Sorry, Lain. It's our fault. Are you all right?
(Alice) Good.

(Text) A mind of love needs you.
(Text) ... LOVE needs you.

(Eiri) Are you tired?
(Lain) Tired...
(Eiri) You are great.
(Eiri) You downloaded the emulator of all of your navi into your brain.
(Eiri) But, it is dangerous. It is too much for your current brain capacity.
(Lain) Am I a machine?
(Lain) Don't call me as if a machine...
(Eiri) I didn't mean so. It is a problem due to a software.
(Eiri) Lain, you are a software. Not a hardware.
(Lain) Software?
(Eiri) Yes. You are an executable program with flesh.

(Lain) Shut up!
(Lain) Shut up!

(Lain) Chisa-chan.
(Lain) Chisa-chan, I've ever gone back to home with you.
(Lain) Now I understand what you said, Chisa-chan.
(Chisa) Lain...
(Lain) What?
(Boy(died at Cyberia)) It's easy to die, Lain. Isn't it?
(Chisa) It's not easy to die.
(Boy) It's easy. You already have a tool for it.
(Lain) What?
(Boy) I already released the safety. It's trigger is too heavy.
(Boy) Hold it by your both hands. And push by your thumb.
(Boy) It is too heavy for a girl.

(Boy) Why? Do you still want to stay in real world?
(Boy) You called me to come here.
(Lain) I can't...
(Boy) The flesh is not necessary.
(Lain) No...
(Chisa) Lain?
(Lain) What is this?

(Julie(Navi)) We will meet him after school tomorrow. He looks pretty good.
(Julie(Navi)) If you make your boyfriend, everybody will think that the rumor
(Julie(Navi)) about the teacher is wrong.
(Julie(Navi)) I'll tell you more tomorrow. Bye.
(Alice) It's true...
(Alice) Who?
(Alice) Lain?
(Alice) Why? ...because...
(Lain(small)) It was not me.
(Lain(s)) I didn't peep your secret. I didn't spread your rumor in wired.
(Alice) It was Lain. Lain did. I saw you certainly.
(Lain(s)) It was not me. It seems that there are many "I".
(Lain(s)) The other "I" did.
(Alice) What are you saying?
(Lain(s)) Alice may also be more than one.
(Lain(s)) But, even if I say no, You still believe so...
(Lain(s)) So, I will make it never happened. I made all possible efforts to do
(Lain(s)) so.
(Alice) What do you mean?
(Lain(s)) We need no device any longer. I already broke the border between the
(Lain(s)) wired and the real world. So, I can go anywhere I want.
(Lain(s)) So, I'm here now.
(Lain(s)) I can make anything which already happened never happened.
(Alice) Lain?

(Alice) Fearing... Fearing...

(Reika) Alice!
(Julie) Alice! good morning!
(Alice) Good morning...
(Julie) Why? You look depressed today.
(Alice) Julie, I am reluctant to go today...
(Julie) What? What will you do today?
(Alice) Julie, didn't you give me a CU mail? 
(Julie) What?
(Reika) Alice, you look strange today.
(Julie) Are you having your period today?
(Reika) You are insensitive.

(Julie) That teacher looks good.
(Reika) There is a rumor that he loves a girl who is 3 grade student in this
(Reika) school.
(Julie) Really? It's immoral.
(Alice) .. How do you think about me and that teacher?
(Reika) What? Are there any relation between that teacher and you?
(Julie) What? Do you love him?
(Reika) No. It's too late.
(Julie) He already have his girl.
(Reika) You look unusual today.
(Julie) It's strange.

(Alice) Lain...
(Julie) Lain! Good morning!
(Reika) Come on quickly!
(Julie) Quick! Quick!
(Reika) Lain!

(Alice) Lain, did you really...?
(Alice) Lain smiled...