serial experiments lain
        layer:12 "LANDSCAPE" 

                                        Translated by Keisuke Shindo
                                        Jan. 22 1999 Ver 0.1

 Lain's words make Eiri broken.
 And Alice screams...


(Lain) I see. I've never know it.
(Lain) This world is so simple.
(Lain) I had felt that this world is only fearing and too wide...
(Lain) But now I understand. I feel very easy...
(Voice) I said so.

(Title) LANDSCAPE  Layer:12

(Julie) Hahaha. No, Lain!
(Reika) You said brazenly, Lain.
(Alice) Lain...
(Lain) But, it's true.
(Julie) I've never heard such a thing.
(Alice) ...What does it mean?
(Reika) Don't hesitate...
(Reika) Well, Julie.
(Julie) What?

(PocketNavi) You can rewrite unpleasant memories.
(Alice) Really...
(Alice) Really?
(Reika) ...
(Julie) But...

(Lain) Human can really exist only inside of other human's memory.
(Lain) So, many kinds of I were there.
(Lain) Not many I were there. But I was only inside of many people.

(Taro) I see!
(Myu-myu) Who are you talking to?
(Masayuki) What happened?
(Taro) Hahaha...
(Taro) I kissed with angel.
(Masayuki,Myu-myu) What?
(Myu-myu) Taro?

(Voice) Lain, Lain, Lain...
(Voice) Lain, Lain, Lain....
(Lain) ...

(News) After this adaptation of the Protocol 7, the wired and the real world
(News) will share information seamlessly.
(News) Next news. Love Lain. Love Lain. Love Lain...
(Text) Lain Lain Lain Iwakura Lain...
(Text) Iwakura Lain Iwakura Lain Lain...
(Text) Iwakure? Lain Iwakura...

(Eiri) All of the functions of human's flesh can be described into words by
(Eiri) terms of materialism.

(Eiri) Flesh is only an engine.
(Eiri) If the physical limitation of the flesh limits the evolution of
(Eiri) mankind, humans are like be forced to end their race by a god that
(Eiri) actually doesn't exist.

(Eiri) Information inside humans is not only what they got by themselves since
(Eiri) they had their consciousness.
(Eiri) Humans have been connected with their ancestors, and form a human race.
(Eiri) And they have received information from their ancestors.
(Eiri) But, they are just a data if they are not shared.

(Eiri) Human can evolve by themselves.
(Eiri) In order to do so, they have to know their actual structure.
(Eiri) Do you think what you actually are?

(Eiri) Human's have been already connected. I just restored them.
(Eiri) You did cause it. So you may do anything you want.

(MIB2) Haven't you stopped it?
(MIB2) Why things came to this? Certainly we did our job.
(MIB1) Not only our client thought that the playing of secret society by
(MIB1) computer maniacs was burdensome.
(MIB2) What do you mean?
(MIB1) Our client have been communicated with Eiri.
(MIB1) No, they may have controlled by Eiri.
(MIB2) Stop to talk about Eiri. He is already dead.
(MIB1) He is not dead. 
(MIB1) In fact, he has nothing to do with the existance of his flesh.

(MIB2) Is this our reward of our job? Have we been taken in?
(Man) You may interpret this how you like.
(MIB1) You say that we should escape. Where should we go?
(Man) Well, somewhere there is no electric wire, and no electromagnetic wave
(Man) from satellite.
(MIB2) There must be no such place on earth!
(Man) You have to find such a place if you want to escape.
(MIB1) What will happen?
(MIB1) What will you do by connecting the wired and the real world without
(MIB1) using devices.
(Man) Something wonderful. I'm looking forward to see it.

(MIB1) What...?
(MIB2) Ahhhhhh!
(MIB1) What happened?
(MIB1) What are you seeing?
(MIB1) ...
(MIB1) Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

(Alice) Lain?
(Alice) (cough)
(Mika) Pee pee pee... Gaaaa.
(Mika) Pee pee pee... Gaaaa.
(Alice) ..... No.....
(Alice) .............
(Alice) Is this Lain's room?
(Alice) Lain?

(Alice) Lain!
(Lain) A... Li... Su?
(Alice) What did you do?
(Lain) Nothing. I was only watching.
(Alice) What?
(Alice) I... I thought that I've got crazy.
(Alice) But it's not. Why did you left only mine?
(Alice) Why did you left only my memory?
(Alice) Why? Why only I have to remember the painful memory?
(Alice) Do you hate me so much? Lain?
(Alice) I can no longer bear this...
(Lain) No, Alice...
(Lain) Because I don't want to make you sad...
(Alice) No... You did do this...
(Lain) Alice was all right.
(Lain) You became my friend even though I didn't connect to you.
(Alice) What are you saying?
(Lain) Only Alice is my friend... I don't need to connect to you...
(Alice) Connect? What do you mean?
(Lain) I and everybody...
(Alice) No...
(Lain) I love Alice.
(Alice) Are you sure what you are talking about?
(Lain) Humans have been all connected in their unconsciousness.
(Lain) I'm just reconnecting them.
(Alice) Did you do it, Lain?
(Lain) I do nothing.
(Lain) Nothing to do with which "I" was true, there and here. 
(Lain) But I was.
(Lain) I'm a program to break the barrier between the real world and the wired.
(Alice) Lain is a program...
(Lain) Alice and others are also just applications.
(Lain) In fact, you don't need the flesh.

(Alice) No.
(Alice) I 'm not sure. But I think you are wrong.
(Alice) Your body is so cold, but alive.
(Alice) Mine is also... Here.
(Alice) ...Doki Doki. (An onomatopoeia of heartbeat)
(Lain) ....Doki Doki.
(Lain,Alice) Doki Doki...(laugh)
(Lain) Why? Why?
(Alice) Because I'm scared. My heart is beating because I'm scared.
(Lain) But Alice is laughing.
(Alice) Yes. But I'm scared. I've been scared.
(Alice) I wonder why.
(Lain) Why...

(Eiri) She is afraid to lose her flesh.
(Eiri) You can control the emotion by modifying the impulses of the brain.
(Eiri) You can refuse unpleasant impulses.
(Eiri) You can choose only pleasant and comfortable things.
(Lain) Really?
(Alice) Lain, Are you talking to somebody?
(Eiri) Lain, if you love her, why not you connect to her?
(Lain) I don't know.
(Alice) Lain! Who are you talking to?
(Eiri) You have a little bug.
(Eiri) No problem. I'll debug you for a long time. Come on Lain.
(Alice) Ahhhhhh!
(Lain) I can't understand about you, God...
(Alice) ...Are you talking to God?
(Eiri) What can't you understand, Lain?
(Lain) You could make the wired free from the devices.
(Lain) Telephones, TV, network... You could nothing without them.
(Eiri) Yes, they were born with human's evolution.
(Eiri) The most evolved person have rights to evolve them...
(Lain) Who gave you the rights?
(Eiri) !?

(Lain) A program to synchronize to the peculiar resonance of the earth in
(Lain) the Protocol 7.
(Lain) And it makes "the group of unconscious" into consciousness.
(Lain) Did you really invent it by yourself?
(Eiri) What are you saying? It can't! It can't!
(Eiri) Do you say that there is true God!?

(Lain) As you already lost your flesh, you can no longer understand it.
(Eiri) No! I'm almighty! I made your flesh in this real world!
(Eiri) I gave you a flesh and absolute ego who were dispersed in the wired, And!
(Lain) If I were so, what are you?
(Eiri) I'm not! I...
(Eiri) Ahhhhhh....

(Lain) Wired is not an upper layer of the real world.
(Eiri) What do you mean...?
(Lain) Yes, you were a god in the wired. But, before the wired appeared...
(Lain) You were only a proxy god of someone who were waiting for the appearance
(Lain) of the wired.
(Eiri) Proxy? Noooooo!
(Alice) Ahhhhh! Nooooo!
(Lain) Alice!
(Eiri) Gwwwoooooo!
(Lain) You said that your flesh is not necessary.
(Alice) Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
(Alice) ...........