serial experiments lain
        layer:13 "EGO" 

                                        Translated by Keisuke Shindo
                                        Jan. 22 1999 Ver 0.1

 Ordinary sloping road, ordinary train, ordinary view of going to school.
 ...But only Lain is not there.


(Lain) Well... It became unclear again.
(Lain) Where am I... Here or your place?
(Lain) I exist everywhere in your place. I know it.
(Lain) Because I am connected to you.
(Lain) But I... where is true me?
(Lain) Well, I know there is no true me. 
(Lain) I am only inside of people who know my existence.
(Lain) But, am I really myself who are talking now? Am I myself...?
(Lain) I... Who am I?

(OP song)

(Title) EGO Layer:13

(Eiri) Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
(Eiri) Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
(Alice) Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! 
(Lain) Alice!
(Lain) You said that your flesh is not necessory.
(Alice) Ahhhhhhhhh!
(Lain) Alice...
(Alice) ....
(Alice) Ahhhhh! Nooooo!
(Alice) ....
(Lain) Anything I did for Alice was always wrong... I am really...
(Alice) ....
(Lain) Alice... Alice...
(Alice) ....
(Lain) ...Sorry... Sorry...

(Text) ALL RESET Return

(Mika) It was a nice meal.
(Father) A little left.
(Mother) She is on a diet.
(Mika) Don't say such a thing.
(Father) Hmm...
(Father) A merchandise may come today. Please pay for it if it comes.
(Mother) A part of computer again?
(Father) Say...
(Mother) What?
(Father) No. Nothing.

(Song) (KODOKUNO SIGUNARU       	Lone Signal)

(Song) AISURUKOTONO IMISAE		You've still never know what love is.
(Song) MADA SHIRANU MAMA        
(Song) DAREDEMONAI DAREKATO    	You are trying to connect to unspecified
(Song) DOKOKA DE TUNAGAROU TO   	someone in somewhere.
(Song) SHITE IRU                
(Song) ATEDONAI YORUNI KIMI HA  	You keep sending lone signals aimlessly at
(Song) OKURI TUDUKERU           	night.

(Song) KIZUTUKU KOTONO IMI NADO	You've still never know what being hurt means.
(Song) DAREDEMONAI DAREKATO	You are trying to connect to unspecified
(Song) NANIKA DE TUNAGAROU TO	someone by something.
(Song) SAMAYOU YORUNI KIMI HA	You keep waiting for lone signals at wondering
(Song) MACHI TUDUKERU           	night.

(Song) AA.. NANIWO MOTOMETE     	Ah... What do you want why you are there?
(Song) AA.. NANIWO OSORETE		Ah... What are you fearing why you are there?
(Song) AA.. DONNA MIRAI WO		Ah... What kind of future will you take?
(Song) DAROU KA                    

(Song) AITAI AISURU HITONI		You want to meet to someone you love.
(Song) AITAI NOSA               		You want to meet.
(Song) AISUBEKI HITO NI         	Everyone want to meet to someone they should
(Song) AITAI NOSA               		love.
(Song) HITOHA DAREDEMO          
(Song) HAYAKU ITUDEMO           	Soon, anytime.

(Song) ... DETEKOI ...         		 ...Come on...

(Song) TAISETUNA MONONI ITUKA	When one realize the precious thing,
(Song) DARE DEMO NAI ZIBUN NI 	Will one notice not other person but oneself?
(Song) MADAMINU ASITA NI		You keep sending lone signals into unknown
(Song) KINI HA			tomorrow.
(Song) UTI TUDUKERU             

(Song) AITAI AISURU HITONI    	You want to meet to someone you love.
(Song) AITAI NOSA                 	You want to meet.
(Song) AISUBEKI HITO NI         	Everyone want to meet to someone they love.
(Song) HITOHA DAREDEMO          
(Song) HAYAKU ITUDEMO        	Soon, anytime.
(Song) KITTO			Certainly.

(Julie) Alice!
(Reika) Good morning.
(Julie) Cyberia. Cyberia.
(Alice) Sure.
(Alice) So, I'll write a mail.
(Julie) Alice, who will you send a mail to?
(Alice) ...?
(Julie) Will you call her again?
(Alice) Who is?
(Julie) ...
(Alice) Chisa-chan?
(Reika) Yes. Yomoda Chisa.
(Julie) We took her to Cyberia once because you suggested to.
(Julie) But she seemed not interested in at all.
(Alice) I see.
(Alice) Nothing. I only thought a strange thing now.
(Alice) It has never happened if there is no memory.
(Reika) Memory?
(Alice) One have never existed if there is no memory.
(Reika) Who are you talking about?
(Alice) So, It is nobody.
(Reika,Julie) Alice!

(Taro,Myu-myu,Masayuki) Pon!
(Masayuki) I lost again...
(Taro) It's a game.
(Taro) Mail?
(Myu-myu) What? What?
(Pocket Mail) ...
(Myu-myu) Who is this girl?
(Taro) No... I don't know.
(Masayuki) No...
(Boy(died at cyberia)) Your machine looks good.
(Taro) What?
(Boy) I also altered mine a little.
(Girl(killed by Phantoma)) My brother. quick. 
(Girl) Quick Quick My mother is waiting.
(Boy) I know. Bye.
(Myu-myu) Go, go.
(Masayuki) Let's toss for it again.
(Myu-myu) Taro, I'll leave you.
(Masayuki) It's not fair. Let's toss for it again.

(Eiri) I'll quit...
(Eiri) I'll quit the damn company... They make me to do this job...
(Eiri) They look down at me...
(Eiri) I'll quit... quit...
(Taro) ...It's not necessory.
(Eiri) ?
(Eiri) Yes, I'll quit... quit... I'll quit absolutely today...

(Text) It has never happened if the memory is not there.
(Text) Human's memory is just a record.
(Text) You can rewrite the record.
(Lain) Really?

(Voice) Present day.
(Voice) Present time. Hahaha...

(Lain1) .....
(Lain2) Why are you crying?
(Lain2) Because you deleted you from everybody's memory?
(Lain2) But, you wished to do so.
(Lain1) Yes, but...
(Lain2) Nobody died, nobody was hurt, nobody hates...
(Lain1) Yes, but...
(Lain2) Information of dead person won't leak from the wired again.
(Lain2) (distorted) So Lain don't need to be. You wished so.
(Lain1) You say like that man.
(Lain2) That man? There have been no "that man".
(Lain2) Even if he exists, he won't think that he can be a god again.
(Lain1) I'm nowhere... If I am nowhere, what am I? Where am I?
(Lain2) You yourself said.
(Lain1) What?
(Lain2) Wired is not the upper layer of the real world. He was wrong.
(Lain1) !
(Lain2) Network is a field to transport information.
(Lain2) Information don't stand still.
(Lain2) Information always function by flowing.
(Lain1) I see...
(Lain2) Human's memory... personal memory and history of mankind...
(Lain2) And... Yes. Commonly owned unconscious...
(Lain2) Do you think that human beings can create a storage that can keep such
(Lain2) enormous memory by themselves?
(Lain1) I see... Wired was only for connecting.
(Lain1) But, where was it connected to?
(Lain2) Do you think that humans need to know it?
(Lain1) What?
(Lain2) Although they have not known it, they could make a go.
(Lain2) Human's world have created their own god, and have preyed it.
(Lain2) They have defined the world by their own way.
(Lain1) I hate what you said...
(Lain2) Even if you don't like, it is Lain. It is me. You know it.
(Lain2) Yes. Lain is not a human. (laugh)
(Lain2) Lain exists everywhere.
(Lain2) Lain watches still.
(Lain2) Yes, Lain is a goddess.
(Lain1) No!
(Lain1) No!
(Lain2) It's easier to be a goddess.
(Lain2) I think it's easier than being a human.
(Lain2) You won't need to do anything. You should only be and watch.
(Lain2) Nobody looks down Lain. Nobody hates Lain.
(Lain1) What...
(Lain2) Well, Lain. you should start again. Because you rested them.
(Lain1) Stop it!
(Lain2) So, what are you, Lain?
(Lain1) I... I...
(Lain1) Where am I?
(Father) Come on, Lain.

(Lain) Dad?
(Father) Lain, you don't need to wear such a thing any longer.
(Lain) Dad, do you know?
(Father) What?
(Lain) I... everyone...
(Father) You love everyone?
(Father) Isn't it right?
(Lain) ........
(Father) Lain, I will prepare good tea next time.
(Father) ...And a madeleine. Certainly. They would taste good.

(Lain) There are not only memories of past. 
(Lain) But there are also memories of today or tomorrow.

(Alice 22 years old) But, wait.
(Alice) I took your request last time. Very tolerantly.
(Alice) I'll choose a curtain in our bedroom.
(Teacher) I'll obey as you like.
(Alice) Yes, you are a good student.
(Teacher) What happened?

(Alice) Sorry, wait for a while..
(Teacher) You...

(Alice) Hello.
(Lain) Hello...
(Alice) I have ever met you, haven't I?
(Alice) Were you a student where I taught as a student teacher?
(Alice) No, you were not...
(Lain) How do you do?
(Alice) What?
(Lain) It's "How do you do".
(Alice) Really? Well, how do you do?
(Alice) I am Alice. Don't you think my name exaggerated?
(Alice) I feel small about my name...
(Alice) Are you?
(Lain) Lain.
(Alice) Lain...
(Teacher) Do you know her?
(Alice) No. Wrong person.
(Alice) Lain, good bye. I may see you again somewhere.
(Alice) Bye.
(Teacher) Bye, Lain.

(Lain) Yes, I can see you anytime.

(Lain) I'm here. So, I am with you forever.