Pretty Sammy OAV Series

This may be considerd a spoiler page so click here if you object reading spoilers.  Here is a list of the description of each episode for all of the Pretty Sammy OAV Series.  This Series have already been released in America.

Episode #1: The Magical Girl  test
Samy Kawai is in the 4th grade. She is bright and energetic. One day, when she is making a delivery to an old western style house, she met a mysterious woman. The woman, Tsunami, came from Juraihelm a land of magic. She wished that Sasami would make the world a happier place so she gave her magical powers to use. As a magical girl, Sasami did her best to make the wish come true. Pretty Samy also had a rival, Pixy Misa, who had a mysterious background. There's lots of love rivals for her older brother Tenchi between Ryoko and Ayeka, an air head mother, and lots of other challenges waiting for her.

Episode #2: Revenge of the Electro Brain
Pretty Samy is back! This time, a new enemy appears by the name of Biff Standard, president of STANDARD software company. By using his companies software, Biff wants to standardize the world. Ramia, Tsunami's rival to be the next queen of Juraihelm, uses Biff to try and defeat Samy. Sasami and her brother Tenchi go to buy Karaoke software for their mother. But because all the stores only carry STANDARD software, Tenchi has to resort to the black market. When Biff sees Tenchi with another company's software he sends Pixy Misa to attack him. Sasami transforms into Pretty Samy to fight against the digital monsters that Misa creates. Meanwhile Biff and Ramia plan to pull the moon to earth by using concentrated network power, so that Biff can build a standardized world. Washu notices something while working on her computer and helps Samy to stop Biff's plot!

Episode #3: Super Kiss
Pretty Sammy and friends on the Beach.  Also Sammy's true love is revealed.  Who is it?

Samy's Song Book
A collection of music videos with Pretty Samy (Yokoyama Chisa) and Ryoohki (Kozakura Etsuko) as guides. (Animation and Live Actors)