Pretty Sammy TV Series

This may be considerd a spoiler page so click here if you object reading spoilers.  Here is a list of the description of each episode for some of the Pretty Samy TV Series.  This Series is released in the US as "Magical Project S" and only aviable in VHS Subtitled format in the US.

Episode #1: Samy is Born!
In the Imperial Tower of the magical kingdom of Juraihelm, a new queen has just been chosen. Tsunami's first duty as queen is to restore the balance of the "Scale of Gemini", which had begun to lean toward the darker side in the absence of a queen. To do this, she must first choose a person who shares her soul, endow this individual with her magical powers and have him or her use the force in good will. Sasami Kawai, a fourth grader, has been raised by an energetic father and a gentle mother and is a sweet and relatively quiet girl. Surrounded by friends, her life is pretty normal until one day she comes home to find Tsunami waiting for her in the hopes to recruit her as a "Magical Girl". Sasami decides to give it a try, but is totally embarrassed by the way she looks after using the magical wand. Tsunami doesn't take notice of what Sasami says and hurriedly leaves her with a mission and a partner named Ryo-ohki. Then suddenly, a mysterious girl clad in exotic clothes shows up. Who is she? What will happen to Sasami!?

Episode #2: Samy Goes Training!
Sasami used to be an ordinary fourth grader until recruited to become Magical Girl "Pretty Samy" against her will. Even while she protests, she is challenged by a mysterious girl with an attitude, the loud exhibitionist Pixy Misa, who declares to make her cry with her magical powers. Yes, she is in fact the other Magical Girl. Pixy Misa transforms Sasami's CD into a Love Love Monster CD Woman, who attacks Sasami, forcing her to turn into Pretty Samy to defend herself. However Samy has no idea as to how to use her powers! Disgusted by her ineptitude, Misa gives Samy three hours to practice her magic. Samy is taken to her school by Ryo-ohki, but she is frightened that someone will identify her as Sasami and laugh at the way she looks. Ignoring her fears, Ryo-ohki orders Samy to follow a rigorous training menu including chin-ups and a marathon . Not convinced as to why she has to undergo this, Samy heads back for her battle with the CD Woman anyway. In order to save her classmates Mashima and Oyamada, who are caught in the cross fire, Samy must now use her magical powers... And she successfully blows away the CD Woman, marking her first victory!! Way to go Samy!

Episode #3: A Perfect Score Deserves Sukiyaki!
It's the day after Sasami's first battle, and thanks to Mashima and Oyamada, everyone is talking about Pretty Samy, while Sasami vows to keep her new identity a secret. In the meantime, Ryo-ohki successfully appeals to Sasami's parents, convincing them to keep her as a pet. Sasami discovers this on her return from school, but can't protest having scored only 60 on her recent test. Seeing this, Dad shows Sasami an ad for a cram school, which happens to be the one her best friend Misao goes to. Sasami decides to check it out with her Dad, only to find Comic Woman, another one of Pixy Misa's creation, raising havoc. With Ryo-ohki's urging, she reluctantly turns into Pretty Samy, but is captured by the Comic Woman. Just then, Konoha jumps in and saves her, and Samy launches her special attack, the Pretty Coquettish Bomber! Afterwards, Sasami and Ginji run in to Misao and invite her over for dinner to celebrate her perfect test score. The Kawai's are having Sukiyaki tonight!

Episode #4: Jump That Box!
Sasami's class is having a jumping box test during tomorrow's Phys .Ed., and she is helping Misao practice as she can't jump at all. But despite Sasami's efforts, Misao is unable to conquer her fear of leaping over the boxes. However, thanks to Mashima, who happened to be there helping Oyamada practice, Misao manages to clear five boxes. A jealous Konoha spies on Mashima and Misao, clearly not liking what she sees. The next day, Konoha suggests to begin the trials at level six in order to embarrass Misao. As Konoha intended, Misao freezes with fear at the sight of the intimidating boxes. Having seen this, Rumiya transforms Misao into Misa. Sasami begins to look for the missing Misao, but Phys. Ed. Woman challenges her at that moment, and she again becomes Samy at Ryo-ohki's urging. After defeating the monster, Sasami finds Misao. "The important thing is to have courage." Misao faces the jumping boxes with Sasami's words in her mind...

Episode #5: The Debut Event of the Century
Having come across the battle between Samy and Karaoke Woman, Ginji films everything on video without a clue as to who Samy really is. Still reluctant about herself being the Magical Girl, Sasami returns home and is shocked to find out that Ginji is planning to host a debut event for Pretty Samy, in order to boost the sales of his CD store which business has recently been suffering. Dad and Mom are completely confident that the Magical Girl of Justice, Samy would lend a hand to solve their problem. Even at school, everybody is excited about the event. On the day, a TV crew arrives to cover the performance and the crowd are all waiting for Samy to turn up. Seeing that her parents are adamant, Sasami makes up her mind. When the MC begins to count ten before Samy's appearance, Pixy Misa and a tuned up Karaoke Woman show up. At first, Samy has difficulties fighting the monster's loud singing, but with the crowd cheering for her, she stands up and begins to sing!

Episode #6: Don't Let Her Hold the Ball!
During lunchtime, one of the teachers at Sasami's school, Kiyone goes to the next classroom to warn Mihoshi for her class being noisy. Being ignored by Mihoshi, Kiyone yells at her and the two begin to quarrel, not noticing that their students have gone outside to the yard to play dodge ball. At the court, the two classes begin to argue over the use of the ground. The schoolmaster steps in and suggest to end the argument by a dodge ball match. Finally realizing what is going on, the two teachers join their students and begin to cheer enthusiastically, eager to see their class win. Kiyone's class show better team work, and knocks down Mihoshi's students one by one, not even letting them touch the ball. Unhindered by Kiyone's triumphant laughter, Sasami manages to catch the ball and begins to retaliate. Surprised by this development, Kiyone's team replaces one of their players with Misa. At Misa's fierce counterattack, Ryo-ohki advises Sasami to turn into Samy. Wondering if this is the sort of thing a Magical Girl should be doing, Sasami transforms anyway, and using the Magic of Justice, hits Misa with the ball, finishing the game off with a super fine play...or so it was supposed to be...

Episode #7: A Master of Natural Calamity
The self-acclaimed genius of the whole human race, Washu arrives from the US on a rocket to do some research on the Magical Girl. Having taken up the position to teach Science at Uminohoshi Primary School, she begins to perform unusual experiments in front of the students who get completely excited. Washu's intention is to create mayhem so that Samy would show herself, and she is naturally happy to see her classroom filled with smoke and sounds of explosions, all the while keeping an eye on Sasami. Then, Magical Girl Misa shows up, and despite Washu's efforts to experiment on her as a subject, the scientist is confined to one of the beakers by Misa's magic. However, Washu is too busy feeding data to her computer that she doesn't even notice what is happening to her. Just when Misa is ready to finish Washu off, Samy appears and destroys the beaker. Washu falls, and her computer crashes, hitting the ground. Even at this point, the only thing Washu cares about is her data... Sasami is already weary of what is to come...

Episode #8: The Mid-Summer Santa
It's Sunday. No cram school. Misao comes to play at Sasami's place and returns home, only to find an empty house. On top of feeling lonely, there's a horror movie playing on the television and Misao begins to feel nervous. She calls Sasami, who tells her that she will come over and stay for the night. Misao relaxes with Sasami presence and the two fall asleep. However, when Sasami wakes up at night, Misao is missing. She goes to search for her, and hears somebody crying in the bathroom. Sasami opens the door to discover Ghost Woman waiting for her. Misa had summoned her after taking Misao hostage. Sasami transforms into Samy, but her powers are useless against a ghost with no real substance. This time, she is in big trouble. But at that moment, they hear the sound of a bell, and Santa shows up, completely ignoring the fact that it is mid-summer. What's going to happen...!?

Episode #9: The Island of Love Love Monsters
It's now summer holidays, and Sasami is on the back of Ginji's Harley Davidson cruising down the coastline. However, Ginji dozes off, causing the motor bike to slip and plunge into the sea. When the two recover from unconsciousness, they find themselves on an island where Misa happens to be training the Love Love Monsters. After launching the SOS signal, Sasami and Ginji decide to have some fun. They totally enjoy themselves until they start to feel hungry, at which point they head for the farm. On the farm, Sasami befriends a boy called Heita, who turns out to be the keeper of the monsters. In the meantime, by pure coincidence, Sasami's classmates are also visiting the island, led by Washu. They encounter a monster at the beach. Washu is thrilled. She launches a missile using her computer, but destroys their boat instead. Having detected a magical reaction, Sasami transforms into Samy and heads out to get rid of the monster, but fails to do so once she learns that the monster is Heita's friend. But because Misa used the magma underneath the ground to power the monster, the island is now on the verge of exploding! Will Samy be able to save everybody by using her new magic, and without killing the monster!?

Episode #10: East VS West
Sasami and Ginji are on horseback, returning home. On the way, they stop by at the Western Village to find a girl clad in Ninja-wear, Shinobu, hanging from a rope at the entrance. They rescue her, and she takes them to her house owned by her grandfather Genjuro, the village's chief. The house is a Japanese-style architecture which stands out among the Western houses that surround it. The Ninja Village which Genjuro started in order to enliven the sparsely populated town has been taken over by Kito Gumi, who plan to remodel it into a Western theme park. Even Shinobu's older brother, Toshiya left home to be on Kito Gumi's side, believing that a Western Village would be more cooler than a Ninja Village. Just when Sasami and Ginji are being told of the situation, Kito Gumi raids the house and challenges them to a Cowboy-style fast gunning match. The loser has to leave the village! Misa, who is siding with the Kito Gumi brings out Gun Man Woman, and the two parties battle fiercely. The village begins to collapse and Genjuro goes down, attacked by Misa. Seeing this, Toshiya is determined to return to a Ninja again, but...

Episode #11: The Lost Wand
Sasami has lost her precious magic wand somewhere. Right about that time in town, a mysterious figure is seen trying to help other people in trouble, but to no avail as her magic never seems to work. This person, Connie, encounters Hiroto on the streets and stalks him until she finally manages to use some magic to make him fall in love with her. Connie then transforms the school into a castle and the couple settle inside. Knowing that Sasami can't change into Samy, Misa takes this advantage and attacks her with Cheese Cake Woman. Sasami is rescued by Washu, but they need to do something before the Cheese Cake Woman swallows the whole town! And what of Sasami's wand!?

Episode #12: Blue Sky Army Forever!
Looking up at the sky while walking, Sasami bumps into a young man who sweeps her up in his arms. He seems to be an assistant director to a SFX production. Noticing his passion for his work, Sasami develops a crush on him. When the CDs the young man had ordered arrive, Sasami delivers them to the studio where he works, but she is not able to see him as often as she wants to. One day, she meets him by chance on the streets. He is apparently feeling depressed because of the shoot, but won't talk about it because Sasami is still a child. Sasami is devastated. The following day when she stops by at the studio, she finds out that the shoot has been held up because the man had a row with one of the actors. Seeing this, Sasami transforms into Samy and ends up acting in the production. Things look fine for a while, until they reach the climax scene. As that is when Misa and her monster SFX Woman show up and try to ruin the shoot.

Episode #13: I Want You
Mihoshi's flat has burnt down in a fire. With no place to go, she turns up at Kiyone's. Right about the same time, Kiyone is asked to see someone for a possible marriage arrangement. Although reluctant, she decides to meet him as everyone encourages her to do so. In fact, this guy named Undo Toyokawa turns out to be a smart and extremely nice executive type. The two hit it off, but Misa shows up with her monster Break Up Woman, who clings to Toyokawa, interrupting their date. "Way to go!" Misa is excited to see this until Samy comes to the rescue. She tries to somehow patch things up, but fails. Then, Ginji arrives and sweet talks Break Up Woman into lowering her guard. Samy takes the opportunity to blow the monster away with her Magic of Justice, Pretty Coquettish Bomber. Bravo! Samy, the cupid! But wait a minute, Kiyone is sitting on the ground among the rubble... Hasn't spring come for her yet!?

Episode #14: The Boy Called Boss
A boy who calls himself "The Boss" has been transferred to Uminohoshi Primary School with three sidekicks. His aim is to take control of the school. The students are stunned to see his out-dated gangster attitude, but he takes no notice and asks for the strongest person in the school. Misa tells him that he should look for Samy , and also teaches how to deal with her. Sasami receives a letter challenging her and learns that Misao is taken hostage in order to drag Samy out. Sasami transforms immediately and runs up to the roof where "The Boss" is waiting, knocking down the sidekicks who attack her on each landing on the way. But Misao is nowhere to be seen. The whole thing was a trap for Samy to fight "The Boss" in a duel. Misa enlarges "The Boss" with her magic, happy at the thought of wiping out Samy at last. But at the sight of the now gigantic boss, his followers cower...

Episode #15: Baby Samy
As usual, Washu is absorbed in her research on magic. After blaming Sasami for an explosion that happens during her Science class, she makes her take medicine that promotes growth as a punishment. The stuff takes effect in no time, and Sasami becomes a 15-years old girl. Although Sasami enjoys her new appearance, she is equally happy to find herself returning to normal after a while. But when she wakes up the next morning, she discovers that she has turned into a! Washu is surprised to learn this, but is thrilled at the prospect of obtaining new data. As one would expect, Misa shows up and Sasami transforms into Samy, hoping the process would restore her age. But she turns into Baby Samy instead! Misa summons her Love Love Monster Baby Goods Woman. It looks like Samy is in danger...!

Episode #16: Viva! Love Warriors!
Watching the battles between Samy and Misa on her slide machine, Ramia sighs at Misa's weakness and decides to go to earth. She finds three happily married woman and orders them to become Love Warriors to help the Magical Girl. Ramia is completely confident that the housewives' love towards their family would help her defeat Samy. In the meantime, Sasami receives a letter challenging her from Misa. On the day of the confrontation, a crowd gathers, having heard of the duel. As soon as Samy and Misa begin to fight, Misa breaks her wrist. It looks like Samy has the upper hand this time. Misa summons her monster, but it is practically useless. Just when everyone thought it was over, the Love Warriors arrive at the scene with an explosion. They begin to attack Samy, whose magic is too immature against the grown women. Do something Samy!

Episode #17: Don't Cry Misa!
It's farewell to the Love Warriors. Samy has lost against Misa! Samy's "Pretty World" has been defeated by the housewives' "Sexy World". Everyone on earth and on Juraihelm are worried over what will happen to Samy and the earth. The Self Defense Army and the US Military Force try to rescue Samy who is captured by Misa, but they are no match against Misa's magic. That's when Ginji shows up at the Self Defense Army HQ to discuss tactics. He feels almost like a father to Samy, and is ready to do anything to save her. Ginji suggests that the force of Dandy may be able to break the Sexy Love Warriors and goes to confront the housewives who fall for him instantly. Washu shows up and teaches Samy what the Power of Love is about. When Ginji and Samy profess their love for each other, a burning red Pretty World emerges around Samy. It's now time to fight back!

Episode #18: The High Pressure Girl
A beautiful and multi-talented girl named Hikari joins Sasami's class. But as a matter of fact, she has come from the magic world to bring Ryo-ohki back to Juraihelm, after being brainwashed by Rumiya and Ramia that Samy is evil. One day, Sasami, tired of the daily magic training, rebels against Ryo-ohki, who goes missing after the incident. Sasami regrets what she did, but Ryo-ohki, used to such attitudes, is not affected at all and meets up with Hikari on the roof of the school. Having received a telepathic message from Ryo-ohki, Sasami hurries to the roof. Hikari doesn't want to give Ryo-ohki back to Sasami and transforms into Hikari, while Sasami turns into Samy, and the two fight over Ryo-ohki. What will Ryo-ohki do!?

Episode #19: When the Rose Petals Fall, Magic Quietly Disappears
Misao's father is coming home and she is completely thrilled. Having seen her state, Rumiya suggests that they should free her from Misa. Realizing Rumiya's feelings, Ramia promises that this will be the last time. After buying some roses, Misao is waiting for her dad to come home, when she is forced to turn into Misa. She heads to confront Samy, knowing that this would be their last battle. A huge rose emerges in the middle of the town and everyone who is exposed to the falling pollen is instantly filled with hatred. Sasami is frightened at the sight of this humongous Love Love Monster, but changes into Samy to save the world. Go Go Samy!

Episode #20: Friends - Eye to Eye, Hand in Hand
With her secret revealed to Sasami, Misao is devastated, thinking that Sasami will break off their friendship. On the other hand, Sasami is blaming herself for letting Misao being exposed to evil magic. Night comes, but Misao hasn't returned home yet and everyone is worried. Not having the courage to go home, Misao heads for the school locker room where she first met Sasami. And to her surprise, she finds Sasami crouching in the corner. Misao turns on her heels and runs away, but Sasami goes after her. Then the evil magic planted inside Misao's heart inflates and causes her to turn into Misa. Sasami also transforms into Samy and tries to synchronize with Misao's mind using her magical powers, but the Misa in Misao rejects Sasami. "Sasami is Misao's friend. I love you." Sasami desperately persuades her. Finally when the two hearts touch each other, they find themselves facing a new enemy!

Episode #21: Thank You Magic!
For the school festival, Sasami's class decides to perform a song, opting for the easier program. Misao says that she will accompany the chorus with her piano, and they choose a song written by Misao's father to which she will be writing the lyrics. They practice the song together, and both Mihoshi and the school master are satisfied to see this. Wanting her father to see Misao's performance, Sasami asks Ginji whether they could do something. Ginji tells her that they don't have enough money to go and get Misao's father who lives abroad, but Sasami doesn't give up. She then turns to Ryo-ohki, who advises her that if she can pinpoint the whereabouts of Misao's father, she can use the Magic of Teleportation to get there instantly. However, this magic is apparently very difficult. Sasami first goes to Washu and asks her to find out where Misao's father is, and then begins to practice the magic. In the meantime, Misao is working hard on her piano. Samy tries over and over to teleport, but the magic is too difficult to complete. With only a few days left before the school festival, Sasami searches for an alternative... and she comes up with one...

Episode #22: The Third Magical Girl
Thanks to Samy, the balance of the Scales of Gemini is restored. Tsunami, who is waiting for the coronation, has been told about the important secret concerning the earth and Juraihelm. Meanwhile, having lost the crown to Tsunami, a jealous Ramia meets a mysterious figure named Romio , who offers to help her retrieve the throne. According to Romio , this would be possible if they act now, as the Scales won't stabilize until the coronation ceremony. Romio has already chosen a third Magical Girl. Right about the same time, Sasami and friends are playing volleyball under the blue sky. Misao looks much livelier than before. Sasami is happy to hear of Tsunami's coronation from Ryo-ohki. Soon the sky turns gray and the students return to their classroom, but Konoha goes missing. When they look outside, they witness a big whirl emerging from nowhere, followed by a red thread that approaches the school building. And then, two figures emerge from the sky. Something is happening. In the meantime, the coronation ceremony has begun in Juraihelm...

Episode #23: The Goddess of Destruction
The coronation is interrupted by the third Magical Girl, Love Me Amy. Samy is nearly killed by her fierce attack, but she manages to escape using teleportation. Unfortunately though, she arrives in the middle of the living room in her house, where she is served a large piece of cake. An offer not to be refused... So, while Juraihelm is on the verge of losing it's balance, Samy ends up munching a cake. During Samy's absence, Amy amplifies her power and approaches Sasami's classmates, but the Man of Justice, Coo? Red defends them from her attack. Finally, Samy returns and resumes her fight against Amy. Samy defeats her! At last Tsunami takes her place as the Queen, but when she is addressing the world, they are interrupted again by someone who is trying to stop Tsunami. What on earth is happening!?

Episode #24: It's Hell on the Moon!
Romio , who stopped Tsunami from being crowned as the Queen is now plotting to destroy earth. Romio creates a magic cannon and aims it towards the planet. The cannon explodes on earth, while an immense plasma runs through space. People scatter amongst the streets trying to escape, buildings are destroyed, the sea rises and...the earth begins to move away from it's orbit! From the collapsing Juraihelm, Rumiya comes to ask for help. Samy and friends dig up the rocket Washu buried under the park and head for Juraihelm, with Ginji at the helm. It turns out that he has a received a pilot license from NASA! Meanwhile, Misao who had stayed behind asks Rumiya to lend her the magic wand one last time. She transforms into Pixy Misa, and tries to head for Juraihelm on a different rocket. The fate of earth are in their hands...

Episode #25: New Technology
Samy is devastated to see Juraihelm literally resembling hell. When they rescue Tsunami lying amongst the ruined temple, she tells them that Romio had sucked all of the magical force on the planet using a weird looking device. She then asks Samy to destroy the apparatus, but Romio 's mechanical monsters surround Samy, and with the NT device, sucks up all of Samy's magical powers, causing her to return to Sasami! Just when Sasami is about to be finished off, Pixy Misa arrives and rescues her from the monsters. Washu hands Sasami the newly completed NT system which she brought with her, and Samy regains her magic. Together with Misa, she manages to knock down the monsters, but Romio has hardly exhausted ways of attacks. The earth is torn apart, Juraihelm*s facilities are destroyed, and the magic warship of darkness emerges from nowhere with Romio standing on the deck, laughing ominously...

Episode #26: And a Triumphant Victory!
Love or magic, leave everything to Samy! The earth is being drawn to the sun and is on the verge of being sucked in. The human race is only left with the two Magical Girls and the NT system to rely on. Samy throws her wand towards Romio who leads the magic warship, but her magic is prevented by a M Field. If only they could destroy the NT system on the ship and enable the others to use their powers against Romio , they would be able to save the earth. Samy, Misa and Ramia join forces and somehow manage to sneak into the warship. They risk their lives to destroy the NT system and succeed, but the magical cannon still reserves enough energy to hit earth and the launch is made... Will peace be restored upon earth, Juraihelm and the whole universe?!