Tenchi Muyo Movies

This may be considerd a spoiler page so click here if you object reading spoilers.  Here is a list of the descriptions for the Tenchi Muyo movies.

Tenchi Muyo! in Love
is a dramatic tale of the literally star-crossed love between Tenchi's alien mother and human father. Tenchi is forced to go back in time to save his parents from an alien threat which could destroy not only them, but all of humanity. The story is set in 1970's Tokyo, giving it a wonderful exotic retro background. This film is geared towards a teenage audience and contains no nudity or violence.

Tenchi Muyo! Eve of the Summer (In the US it is titled "Daughter of Darkness")
Transcending a space-time, a mysterious beautiful girl approaches TENCHI.
"TENCHI MUYO!, RYOOHKI" that started in 1992 as a OVA series was a huge hit. With popular demand from the fans, its TV series "TENCHI MUYO!" started in 1995 and also became an instant hit. TENCHI is a love-comedy about a normal boy, named Tenchi, with a special power and beautiful alien girls from another planet who surround him. The "TENCHI" world expanded to drama, CD, novels, comic, TV-game in world-wide distribution and became a "classic" among the fans. With popular demand from the fans, "TENCHI MUYO! In Love" was the first feature film. With the new and improved story and the visuals, "TENCHI MUYO, eve of the Summer" is coming to the theater near you!  Long anticipated feature film series part II!  Like the First feature film, part II has an original story. In this story, a girl name Mayuka (age 16) who claims that she is Tenchi's daughter arrives. Tenchi is puzzled at first but takes her in. But the other Tenchi girls don't feel the same about it. They argue over who's the mother of Mayuka and think something's fishy about her. Over time, they find that Mayuka came from a different dimension. Why did Mayuka come to TENCHI? Is she really TENCHI's daughter? And if so, who is the mother? In climax, a beautiful summer Christmas scene unfolds. You may ask, "why are they having the Christmas in summer?" . Well, you'll have to go see the movie to find out.  The director of this film is Toru Kimura of "Miracle Girls" and "Akazukin Chachacha". Original script is by Naoko Hasegawa who also wrote the OVA and novel versions of TENCHI.

Tenchi Muyo in Love 2: "A Far Away Feeling" (In the US it is titled "Tenchi Forever")
Based two years after Tenchi Muyo in Love, this will conclude the Tenchi Series.  A new girl, Haruna (dark brown-haired woman in the center of the image to the right), is introduced in the third Tenchi movie.  The Japanese voice actress is the same as the one who did Bellidandy for Oh My Goddess, .

Pre-opener tickets are now for sale in Japan. Tenchi Muyo In Love 2!  "A Far Away Feeling" will be released in Japan in Early Spring 1999.