Other Tenchi Muyo OAV Specials

This may be considerd a spoiler page so click here if you object reading spoilers.  Here is a list of the description of the other OAV Specials.  They have all been released in America.

Mihoshi Special:  Galaxy Police Mihoshi's Space Adventure
Everyone knows Mihoshi, one of the beautiful girls living with Tenchi. She's a bit of a scatterbrain but she's a real Galaxy Policewoman. And, according to her, one of the best! Nobody believes her but maybe they'll acknowledge her abilities after she recounts how she and her partner, Kiyone, solved the galaxy's most notorious case! Tenchi as the Investigator, Ryoko as the space pirate, and Sasami as the Magical Girl Pretty Sammy!? All the Tenchi Muyo characters are cast (against their will?) in her amazing and unbelievable story! A special episode!

Sound File
Music videos for all of your favorite Tenchi Muyo! songs. Including songs from image CD's, some favorite footage from the Tenchi Muyo OVA series, and some new original animation as well!