Tenchi Muyo Second TV Series

This may be considerd a spoiler page so click here if you object reading spoilers.  Here is a list of the description for all of the second Tenchi Muyo TV Series, also called Shin (new) Tenchi Muyo, currently being Released in Japan.  It was renamed "Tenchi in Tokyo" in the US.

Episode #1: Cherry Blossom
Okayama in spring---the Tenchi family is enjoying lazy days. One day, Tenchi tells everyone he has to leave to Tokyo for spiritual training. As soon as he gets to Tokyo, Tenchi and his grandfather have to perform a ritual for a temple (Shibuya Temmangu) they are staying at. During the ritual, four evil spirits appear and attack them. Tenchi is caught between a rock and a hard place but gets saved by six mysterious females who come from different dimension to save him. The next day, Tenchi goes to school where a girl who sits next to him seems very interested in him.

Episode #2: Matchmaking
Tenchi's new life in Tokyo begins. The exit of the dimensional tunnel that connect Okayama and Tokyo is on the bottom of Tenchi's Futon. Ryoko and Ayeka jump out of the tunnel and fight in Tenchi's room in Tokyo. Tenchi gets hit on by his classmate Sakuya. Tenchi takes Sakuya's hand and runs when Ryoko and Ayeka see them together. They run to a near by Temple and there appears Ine, the God of Matchmaking. Ine tries to keep them together by tying them together by the red ribbon of destiny.

Episode #3: Love game
After Tenchi forbids Ryoko to use the dimensional tunnel, she compromises by watching Tenchi through Washu's invention "Hokoku-kun." But due to an error in her machine caused by the ghost, "Zumino Yoshiaki", in Aichi her machine malfunctions. It sends fake information like Sakuya napping on Tenchi's lap, and Tenchi wearing elephant stuffed doll. An enraged Ryoko exclaims, "Nobody interferes with my long distance love with Tenchi!"

Episode #4: Virgin Road
One Sunday, Sakuya and Tenchi go downtown. When they get away from the congestion and go into a back street, they find a mysterious house surrounded by fog. One of Yuugi's confidants, Hotsuma, was waiting inside. He tells them that the house is the "House of Vows" where if a couple makes a vow, they can recieve eternal love. Tenchi and Sakuya are forced into a marriage by Hotsuma. Ryoko and Aeka rush through the dimensional tunnel to Tokyo. Will Ryoko and Aeka save Tenchi?

Episode #5: Earn money!
The Masaki family Budget is running out. When Ryoko, Aeka, Mihoshi, and Kiyone find that they cannot pay their new rent, they go to Tokyo to find jobs. But since they aren't used to working, they have a lot of trouble and end up getting fired. Kiyone and Mihoshi are classfied as "The gods of death" part time workers Kiyone is shocked by their failure in Tokyo. But when they see a brochure that advertises "1,000,000 yen a day"... Is this help from above? Or is it a trap from below?

Episode #6: Labyrinth
When Ryoko and the others try to get the money that Sasami and Ryoohki earned, she goes to Tenchi's place to hide. When Sasami decides that she will use the money she has to make them stop bothering her. Tenchi takes Sasami to Shibuya. Sasami wanders away from Tenchi and into one of the stores she finds. But the store is run by Yuugi. Yuugi approaches Sasami disguised as a young girl. After Sasami befriends Yuugi, they enter the dark world inside the mirror...

Episode #7: The day when they met Tenchi
Today is the "Tenchi anniversary", exactly two years after Ryoko and Aeka met Tenchi. Aeka and Sasami prepare great meal and wait for Tenchi to come back. Ryoko looks inside the lake; to the spaceship that sunk there and feels nostalgic. Ryoko and Washu escaped from Aeka and came to Earth. The chance that was made by tenchi's necklace. This story presents how Tenchi met Ryoko and the others.

Episode 8: At the party
As everyone gathers in the house the Tenchi anniversary party begins. Everone recalls the day when they met Tenchi. When Sakuya shows up, the happy atomosphere changes dramatically. As Ryoko and Aeka do not like Sakuya, they tease her quite a bit. After they find that they've all lost their gems, Ryoko's anger towards Sakuya explodes! Who stole their gems? The investigation begins!

Episode 9: "Ruins"
While Tenchi is visiting ruins built more than 3500 years ago, he drops into an underground cavern with Amagasaki and Umanosuke. As they look around they notice the lower ruins are larger than the surface ones. Then mysterious guardians show up and start attacking Tenchi. It seems that the Gurdians are trying to force Tenchi into an empty stone crypt. What are these ruins really? Who was in the stone crypt?

Episode 10: "Rouge"
Makeup on Ryoko's face? When people laugh and twitch in fear and disguist, Ryoko screams at them "What wrong with me!" Around the same time, Tenchi starts thinking about Sakuya; as she started distancinig herself from Tenchi. Sakuya also feels awkward geting close to Tenchi. One day, Tenchi finds two messages on his answering machine, both possible dates. One from Ryoko, the other from Sakuya, at same park near the station on Sunday! Tenchi is in the trouble! On Sunday, Tenchi is surprised by Ryoko looking unusually feminine. But in appearance only, she's still of her usual manners. They walk around the city, and when it gets dark Tenchi finds finds Ryoko's lip shine. At same time, Sasami and Ryoohki find a lipstick called "Night Pearl Rouge" in Ryoko's room. The reason that Ryoko's lips shine is because of the lipstick. Also, Tenchi sees Sakuya, who has been waiting for him in the park. She also has shining lips...

Episode 11: "Ryoohki runs away!"
While Sasami is preparing dinner one evening Ryoohki appears in the kitchen to get some food. But when Sasami finds Ryoohki, she tells her to leave. At the same time, Ryoko and Aeka are fighting over a snack. They eventually break the figure of a golden Buddha, a figure that Katsuhito was keeping for his friend. Ryoko and Aeka are in trouble. Then they notice a hungry Ryoohki walking in, they decide to blame everything on Ryoohki. Ryoohki tries to prove her innocence, but nobody believes her, and her best friend, Sasami, also calls her a liar. Ryoohki, feeling hurt, decides to run away. Then she meets Kenoohki. The friendly Keonohki flies together with her to the moon. Ryoohki finds there are many Ryoohkis living there. Meanwhile, Ryoko and Aeka start to feel guilty, but Ryoohki hasn't come back. They find that Ryoohki is on the moon. The whole Tenchi family flies to the moon in Mihoshi and Kiyone's patrol spaceship!

Episode 12: "Latin papa"
"This is the worst!" Masaki family's angry voice cuts the peaceful morning. Nobuyuki, is only one that stands still in those angry voices. Since Sasami is sick, Nobuyuki is responsible for household chores. While Nobuyuki cleans up, and washs clothes, beside sleeping Ryoko, he runs away to Tokyo, to Tenchi's place saying "I wish I could be like a cloud...they have freedom." Nobuyuki doesn't know that Tenchi and Sakuya are in awkward relationship; it was very awkward mood in Tenchi's room, Tenchi, Sakuya, and Nobuyuki. Nobuyuki walks outside to smoke. As Nobuyuki throws away the used cigarette, Matori turns the cigerett into "Oyajimodoki". Matori tries to get Tenchi and Sakuya together. But since "Oyajimodoki" was created from Nobuyuki, it is also likes girls; it ignores Matori's orders and runs to find girls. Can "Oyajimodoki" get Tenchi and Sakuya together?

Episode 13: "Dark moon"
Yuugi has begun aggressive attacks! Ryoko hears from Nobuyuki that Tenchi and Sakuya are now in love as before. Ryoko becomes furious and hangs Nobuyuki by his feet. The night before, Yuugi had invited Sasami and Ryoohki to a lake in the mountains for the day. After that, there is a huge earthquake! Several crystal bars appear with bright lights around the house! Ryoko comes out from the house after she notices something is wrong. Then Yuugi, laughing, attacks. As Yuugi's power is stronger than Ryoko and the other's, they are in very fightened. Meanwhile, Tenchi and Sakuya are having dinner. They are in a good mood while Ryoko and the others are in the midst of battle. As Yuugi's power increases, there isn't much what Ryoko can do. In Tokyo, Tenchi drops gems, and picks them up, the gems start to flash, the gems that Ryoko has also flashes!!

Episode 14: "Deadly Hitchhike"
The TV is reporting about twin comets, but Aeka isn't interested. Her interest lies in the releationship between Tenchi and Sakuya, which seems unfocused because of Yuugi's attack. It seems like Aeka is the only one with any interest in the relationship. Aeka is very happy, but she finds that she has no money to get to Tokyo. Then Aeka sees a story about hitchhiking. Aeka makes Sasami and Ryoohki go with her to Tokyo. Yuugi and Tsugaru see them, and smile. Sasami complains that it will not work, but Aeka insists that if she has enough love for Tenchi it will work. Then a car with a woman in a "Rider" costume stops. She agrees to take Aeka and Sasami to Tokyo. Aeka does not know that the woman is the ghost "Numata Masayo"... Can Aeka get to Tokyo?

Episode 15: "Festival - Start of love & end of peace"
"Can you turn off the interdimentional tunnel?" was the request Washu got from Tenchi, so she disabled the dimentional tunnel. As the others hear about this, they lure Nobuyuki away and starts looking for any money that he is hiding. Meanwhile, tenchi and Sakuya are having dinner together. They are in good mood. It is the day before Tenmangu high school festival. There is a rumor that if a couple talks about love during the festival, they will have a better relationship. Sakuya's friends try to make a situation where where Tenchi and Sakuya are alone. Unfortunately Amagasaki interrupts them, because he doesn't know about their plans, so all of Sakuya's friend's attempts are unccessful. Yuugi releases the ghost "Ikrene Sadako"...

Episode 16: "Festival"
Happily, Aeka and the others found Nobuyiki's money that he was hiding. Everyone, except for Ryoko who claims that she will believe Tenchi, go to Tokyo; ignoring Nobuyuki who is trying to find his money. Tenchi's school has festival has begun. Tenchi helps Sakuya's crepe stand. He doesn't know that Aeka is trying to get to Tokyo, and he is enjoying his time with Sakuya. When Aeka finds that Tenchi is at his school, she goes to find him there. As expected, Aeka spoils the festival, and Tenchi finally tells her "that's enough!" Aeka does not complain and goes back to Okayama, with Sasami and the others. Ryoko is curious about what is going on with Tenchi. She goes to his school, and who would guess what she sees with her own eyes?

Episode 17: "Ryoko leaves for space"
When Ryoko sees Tenchi and Sakuya, she gets really angry, and goes around the city. In Ryoko's mind, she imagines memory of the date with Tenchi. Suddendy, someone attacks Ryoko! Ryoko tries to protect herself, and she finds herself in front of Hotsuma's house. Ryoko tries to attack Hotsuma, but he counters her attack and shows her the Galaxy police's fighting bioroid. Hotsuma tells Ryoko that he had been attacked by the bioroid. But it is a trick that Yuugi created to trap Ryoko; to sever the relationship between Ryoko and Tenchi. While they are fighting, Hotsuma asks Ryoko if she will join him... "What should I..." Aeka ponders. Suddenly Tsugaru appears in front of her and shows her a picture of Tenchi and Sakuya. Tsugaru tells Aeka that Tenchi will not come back to Tenchi family like before. Aeka doesn't believe it, but worries and calls Tenchi on the phone. Since it's time for Tenchi to go to school, he is busy and answers the phone in a hurry. Then Aeka hears Sakuya and Tenchi laughing; she learns of a cruel reality...

Episode 18: "Day of departure"
in the space...Mihoshi and Kiyone's patrol ship chases after the terorists's space ship. They arrest the terrorist, but because of Mihoshi's clumsiness, their spaceship and the terorist's space ship are trapped in Earth's gravity; they almost end up as a BBQ! At that time, Ryoko and Hotsuma rob a Galaxy bank. With corperation of Hotsuma, Ryoko steals money from the bank. Ryoko is happy that she could escape from Galaxy police. As reward for arresting the terrorist, Mihoshi and Kiyone are promoted to special investigator and are stationed at the new Galaxy police station on Pluto. Tenchi is in Tokyo, Ryoko has gone back to being a space pirate, Washu never leaves her lab and Mihoshi and Kiyone are separate from the Tenchi family...

Episode 19: "Unreachable love"
Aeka has a nightmare that she and the Tenchi family turn to stone. She feels that something is going on. Then Tsugaru appears and tells her that he brings a message of upcoming danger; by the order of one who worries about Aeka. Aeka decides to try to get the Tenchi family back together. To start, she tries to open Washu's room. But no matter how much force, it does not open. Then she rides on Spaceship Ryoohki out to meet Mihoshi and Kiyone. Aeka tries to convince Mihoshi and Kiyone to come back to Okayama. But they refuse. Also Aeka finds out that Ryoko is now a space pirate again. As a result, as Aeka moves, the Tenchi family grows further apart. But there is shadow of Yuugi behind...

Episode 20: "Investigation of Mihoshi and Kiyone"
As usual, Ryoko robs banks. When Ryoko realizes, she now has hundreds of followers. Mihoshi and Kiyone, pretends to be two of her followers, to arrest Ryoko. Ryoko already knows about Mihoshi and Kiyone, but After she 'finds out', she pretends that she didn't know. Ryoko lets them them work, and plays with them for fun while laughing. As Mihoshi and Kiyone talk to Ryoko, they find the reason why Ryoko returned to being a space pirate again. They try to convince Ryoko to stop, when it seems that they have succeeded, the Galaxy police service shows up at Ryoko's base. Ryoko thinks that Mihoshi and Kiyone are the reason, so she walks away from them. The real reason was Hotsuma, because he does not want Tenchi family to get back together. On Earth, Sakuya's feelings toward Tenchi become stronger. As Yuugi sees Sakuya, she says "not any more than that..." What is the relationship between Sakuya and Yuugi?

Episode 21: "After the dream of Yuugi"
Tenchi's house in Okayama is now quiet. While Aeka sits in the living room, Washu comes out from her lab. Aeka tells her about the many incidents that have affected whole Tenchi family. At the same time, Washu figures out that Yuugi is Juraian, just like Aeka. To learn more about Yuugi, Aeka goes to the ruin of the old guardians. When Sasami picks up watermelon that she cools in river, she meets Yuugi and plays with her. Yuugi recalls her old days, when she flew around with her ghost that she made. As Aeka reaches the ruin, she finds 3500 years old evidence of fearful incidents that Yuugi caused.

Episode 22: "Lonliness"
While Tenchi is working at Tsuchida Shrine, Sakuya comes to take his picture. She tells Tenchi it is for memories of the summer. In Okayama, Aeka is surprised to hear that Sasami has been meeting with Yuugi. Sasami is shocked when she finds out that the Yuugi that attacked the Masaki shrine and the Yuugi she was playing with is same person. In Tokyo, Sakuya is still taking pictures. While shes taking pictures, Tenchi starts to wonder. He knows a lot about Sakuya, but he doesn't know anything about her house, parents, or where she had grown up. Sakuya replies to those questions with "I don't know." Aeka starts fortitfying the house to prepare against any possible Yuugi attacks in future. It first unlucky victim is...Nobuyuki! In space, Ryoko, Kiyone and Mihoshi feel a nostalgia for their old days on the Earth. In Tokyo, Yuugi says with evil grin..."this world will be mine, very soon..."

Episode 23: "Midsummer excitement"
As space pirate, Ryoko travels around space stealing and wreaking havok. As time passes Ryoko becomes lonly. Ryoko feels really stupid when she hears Hotsuma and Yuugi talking. Ryoko, feeling the fool, sneaks out in Gaien, her spaceship. But as she tries to fly away, she is caught in a trap that Hotsuma set, and explodes. In Tokyo, Tenchi sweeps the ground of Tsuchida Shrine, but it seems that he is unable to concentrate on his work. It's because he notices Sakuya's attitude is different. Tsuchida and Amagasaki, friends of Tenchi, come to the shrine to visit. He talks with them and finds that they don't know about Sakuya. Tenchi, surprised, checks his class namelist. His suspicion ends as he finds her name. But he finds that Sakuya, who should be in his house, is gone. Worried, he goes to Sakuya's house. After Tenchi leaves for Sakuya's house, her name in the list disappears; also Sakuya's picture... Will the relationship between Sakuya and Yuugi be revealed? What will happen to Ryoko?

Episode 24: "Dream story"
Even though Tenchi notices differences in Sakuya's attitude, he pretends as if nothing is wrong when he sees her. When Sakuya notices his kindness, she becomes happy and says "if there are no memories, we can make some." In space, Ryoko and Hotsuma are in battle after Ryoko successfully escapes from her spaceship. When she notices Hotsuma's plan to not let her get close to Tenchi, she decides to fight him. At the same time Tsugaru attacks Mihoshi and Kiyone's spaceship as they head toward Earth. Why do they prevent the members of the Tenchi family from getting to Tenchi? After Tenchi comes back from his date with Sakuya, he finds Katsuhito and Washu is in his room. They tell him about the incidents in Okayama, the secrets of gems that Tenchi and other members of the Tenchi family have, and relationship of Masaki family. They tell Tenchi that Sakuya is not human; she is a shadow of Yuugi. Tenchi although accepting the surprising fact, runs to Sakuya's house in denial. Meanwhile Yuugi approaches Sakuya, to erase her as she is not needed anymore...

Episode 25: "Flower falls, after you leaves..."
Yuugi breaks the wall between hyperspace and appears to the world. She starts an invasion to make world to her kingdom. City, and people turns into gray world. Tenchi angry at the loss of Sakuya, feeling responsible for the family growing apart and what is happening to the city moves towards Yuugi's castle. Washu and Katsuhito warn him that he cannot fight Yuugi since he is alone and cannot use the power of the gem. But Tenchi forces himself to go to Yuugi's castle. Yuugi leads Tenchi into the dream world using Sakuya. Hotsuma and Tsugaru prevent Ryoko, Mihoshi and Kiyone from returning to Earth. Matori attempts to invade the Masaki house in Okayama to capture Sasami; Aeka attempts to protect against it. Matori captures Sasami and brings her to Yuugi's place. Yuugi's plan; to make the kingdom of Yuugi, and her friend Sasami...it starts to become a reality. In the dream world, Sakuya, after being separated from Yuugi's mind, says..."Tenchi, there is something you need to do, and there are people waiting for you....and....you have place that you need to return to...."

Episode 26: "Grand finale!"
By the power of gems, the Tenchi family gathers inside Yuugi's castle and prepare to fight Yuugi. Yuugi ignores them and asks to Sasami to come back to her place again. Sasami asks Yuugi to get along with everyone, not only herself. As Sasami rejects everything Yuugi has done, just like the crystal shell around her, "I don't want to be alone again!" As many crystals appear Tenchi feels something when she says "alone" and to fight with Yuugi, he asks Ryoko to bring him to Yuugi's place. All members of Tenchi family give the gems to Tenchi and Ryoko brings him to Yuugi's place. After he gets there, with help from others, he makes the sword. He destorys the shells around Yuugi. What will Tenchi do to Yuugi who has already lost the will to battle? What will happen in this last episode?